Where I Can Find Acetylcyst 20 Solution

clelia Says:

Please, I need to contact more people that have lung disease as COPD, to get together and find more of this medication. I understand that are not manufacturing any more, because doctors are prescribing newly medication that is on the market, TV ads.

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clelia Says:

We are located in Arizona, city of Peoria. Since my last post, I visited the FDA webpage looking for some information regarding this drug. I found that there was a voluntary recall from the manufacturer, also we contacted 2 additional companies that prepare and sell this product. Result,.. there is some element that is needed to prepare this drug, that they don't have, this element come from Europa. We keep digging for more information and learned that FDA requested an update of equipment to the companies in the country.
At the end, we hear that the product will get back on the market around June of this year.... Hopefully this is thru!.

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David Says:


Have you considered trying any natural alternatives for the COPD in the meantime? If you're interested, perhaps the following article can help steer you in the right direction with that: naturalnews.com/032481_COPD_natural_therapies.html

I would also encourage you to not give up hope in other possible curative treatment options; preferably those that are natural. Reason being is that prescription meds just cover up the symptoms of the disease. They are not intended to cure or reverse anything. That is why the pharmacies keep you coming back for more. They wouldn't have any customers if you cured the disease right away...and that's the last thing a big company wants.

Going back to basics with fresh organic raw ripe fruits and vegetables, herbs, oils, etc...would be the route I would take. Juicing is another excellent option in my opinion. Most people don't really know the true health benefits of having an abundance of fruits and veggies each day. It can be a very medicinal and rewarding approach if done with the right intentions and conviction.

I hope this advice helps!

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