What Does A Fake Xanax 2 Mg Look Like

Krystal Says:

I have a X|ANA|X 2 XANAX 2 mg bar with a big 2 and with a little 2 and says xanax on both bars 2mg. Can you tell me which 1 is fake a which 1 is real. I do know the fake one has a sleeping agent to make you sleepy but doesn't have the same affect that the real xanax 2mg bar has. I took 1 of each at the same time but bc I put them in my mouth together I can't tell you which 1 was fake and which 1 was the real deal.

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EDDY Says:

You should not take two of anything at one time. The fake pill can be poison and the real pill can be fake. You should only take pills dispensed by a Pharmacy.

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David Says:


I agree with post #1 in that you should only take pills that are dispensed by a licensed pharmacy. There are many counterfeits out there that look identical to the real thing, so if you're not getting them filled through a doctor/pharmacy, then determining if they're real could be anyone's best guess outside of a lab analysis. You'd also never be able to tell which pill is real if you're taking them both at the same time - and I don't mean to sound rude, but that logic just doesn't make sense to me at all. How could you take what is assumed to be a fake one at the same time as an alleged real one and expect to know the difference between the two? Or have anyone else determine it for that matter?

Never-the-less, it sounds to me like this will probably be a good lesson learned for future reference. I sincerely hope you're able to continue finding the relief you're looking for through a doctor who cares.

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KBaby Says:

Do u know if the white bars that are scored 4 times Nd it has GG

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Frozeniace Says:

What about generic Xanax with the g3277 bar but it's slightly thinner than the one I get from the pharmacy and it seems like it has no bitterness can someone help me out..?!

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Xanie Says:

hey I'm in Southwest Florida and we are questionable about some of the same pills that you're talking about the ones with xanax with the number 2 on the back I have some answers for you and I hope you can answer some questions for me?

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Mr Marsons Says:

Also have some of the xanax bars with a 2 on them. I was under the impression that they stopped producing this particular pill some time ago. Would be interested if anyone finds a way to test their potency/content. My initial impression is they may be somewhat diluted.

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Kk Says:

I got some Xanax bars with Xanax on one side and 2 on the other side. The 2 goes through the - and also has the - on top of the 2 and under the 2. Do I just have a high tolerance or could these be fake?

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Landi Says:

Do you mean they will still work?

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Kk Says:

After taking more than usual they still work but, I do get more sleepier the more I have to take too.

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Dapumpsta Says:

I got some too..same area these are almost perfect to the eye only problem is crushed it and was slightly hard to crush no bitter taste until like 20 seconds after dissolving even had a shiny coating where ive seen the fakes are like really dull and brittle....they're gettin good at this ..starting to feel a little something..still not 100% positive

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star Says:

The GG are 2mg xanax bars. That's what I have now.

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Just trying to help Says:

If u cannot identify by numbers or looks you should never ever take it you don't know what it is out there these days

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Just trying to help Says:

Just like in life if you have any concerns do not take it do not share it but with medication 99% of the time they are marked with numbers or letters but seriously if you ever have concerns about it being fake do not take it

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M lawson Says:

If it has no taste then its fake xanax have a very distinctive taste

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Michael Says:

The fake ones sometimes can be easily noticed. One you can look and see the pressed ones and they will look pressed. Sometimes some will be a lil soft or discolored. Also sometimes you can taste them. I've gotten fake ones before in the dark so I didn't notice but I tried them even though they looked pressed within one day I was in withdrawal. The real ones should have clear markings and scores and should not be thinner or thicker longer or shorter.

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dittydanko Says:

Ban eddy...he's of No value to this otherwise useful site...

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Sophia Says:

I have a thick xanax really soft. Is it real. I was just getting the thin ones with xanax on them aND they were same looks just thin

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Joe Says:

In my long history the real ones are thicker ..the fake ones are thin..the old ones i mentioned aren't made in US anymore ..also there are faked bars with less than half mg of active ingredient and fakes with more, almost 4 mg of active ingredients ...soft ones are real and if they're rock hard and very hard to crush it's probably fake..soap smell/taste is also fake. If there's any markings not proportionate like the gg ones if the letters/numbers look different that's most likely fake...just some 15 years of professional advice/info...be safe.

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Ams23 Says:

Pointless post. Troll. If u wanna play cop or doctor, then go somewhere else.

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DrJoePill Says:

Only real ones say Xanax on one side and there is a 2 in the middle of other side.

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