What Is The Shelf Life Of Celebrex 200mg

Dan Says:

My pills are 28 months old, I wonder if there are still good

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Verwon Says:

It is highly likely that they have lost effectiveness and aren't worth taking, by now.

The expiration date is usually one year from when they are dispensed to you by your pharmacy and the original container was opened, so they have been exposed to the elements that cause degradation, such as heat, light and moisture.

At 28 months old, that means they are over another year past the original expiration date.

Learn more Celebrex details here.

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Jillian Says:

The experation date on all perscription medication is a year after the date it's written. But most medications are still good well after that date especially if they were stored in a freezer or refrigerator. This is from a study the military conducted with their stock. Because they kept so much on hand & were waisting money restocking every year or so they did a test to see how long they actually last. The year is just what the company is willing to back on potency & effectiveness & to keep you restocking your medicine cabinets & buying their products

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Pop Says:

My celebrex has expired in 2010. Has it lost its effectiveness by now?

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