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Vivitrol and Headaches

Hi! I've tried to do some research on my own regarding this; however, most of the search results sing praise & glory about how great & awesome Vivitrol is. Not that I necessarily disagree but this headache is so debilitating that I'm not sure Vivitrol is the answer for me; that is, if it is the cause. I do see headaches noted as a common side effect but it is not a side effect that indicates to contact a health care professional or obtain immediate care or emergency care. Here goes… I received my 1st Vivitrol shot on April 24th and have had a continuous headache ever since. The headache started about an hour after I received the shot. It has gradually worsened to the point that it is taking over my life and just about anything can intensify it; sweeping the floor, ...

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Vivitrol and birth control

I just had my second shot of vivitrol last week. I want to get on birth control, specifically depo-provera. Does anyone know if there is any birth control that is unsafe to take while on vivitrol? I do not want to get pregnant while on vivitrol. ## I didn't find any interactions listed, but it is always best to double check with your doctor make sure they are aware that you will be taking both, unless both are prescribed by the same doctor, then of course the already know. LOL I would also like to note that I only checked with Depo Provera, since they are far too many contraceptives on the market, both generic, and name brand, so I can't possibly research them all. However, if you post back with a couple others that you are considering, I will be happy to check them for you. Dep...

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Vivitrol & Kratom

I’m on vivitrol and still have cravings and bad depression. If I took kratom would it work since it’s not necessarily an opioid? ## It depends on what you mean by “work”. Are you taking a red for pain relief, probably not because the Naltrexone would block the opiate receptors from feeling it. A white for energy? Maybe? Idk how the different strains hit specifically. If you try it the worst thing that will happen is nothing, right? When I tried Kratom I mixed it into chocolate almond milk and the chocolate took away some of the awful flavor.

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Taking Tramadol before Vivitrol shot

Would taking Tramadol before the Vivitrol shot put you into precipitated withdrawal? ## No. Tramodol is a central analgesic not an opioid or synthetic opioid or even semi- synthetic opioid. That’s why it’s trash as a medical treatment.

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Help should I try vivitrol

I've been a drug addict for 8 yrs. I've been on suboxone 1 time in my life for about a year then was clean for about 3. My grand mother died and needless to say I relapsed. I'm ready to get help again and the Dr. that helped me last time is only willing to help me with vivitrol. I've got hep.c and i know it's not good to do vivitrol with hep. C and very bad depression on top of it. My question is. I feel as if he is kinda pushing it on me and I have feeling I want stay on vivitrol cause the idea of knowing I'm going to have withdraws and I can't do nothing about it scares me to death plus all the side effects doesn't help either. So how do I get my dr. To understand that and maybe try suboxone instead cause it worked last time. Or am I just wrong all toge...

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dark red maroon purple gel capsule marked with as+ cc

Hi. I'm looking to identify a dark red sort of maroon purple gel capsule...says "as+ cc" on it in white letters. I found it in the bathroom garbage popped open at one end. The person who put it there is an (ex? Is there such a thing) opiate addict allegedly on vivitrol, who overdosed twice last week on some type of injected drug. He is his own problem at 31 years old, but I'm curious... Thanks. ## May have been Accutane. Or Coricidin - would this person be getting messed up on Dextromethorphan ## That is listed as being an Alka Seltzer Plus Cough & Cold gelcap, which contains Acetaminophen, Chlorpheniramine, Phenylephrine, and Dextromethorphan, it is usually used to treat cold symptoms. NDC: 00280-1121 As Marvin stated, some people do abuse these medications, due to ...

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Nasty taste in mouth from Vivitrol?

I'm taking Vivitrol for opiate suspension. It's working wonders for me...but I have a horrible taste in my mouth....and everything I try to eat or drink doesn't taste as it should. Even brushing my teeth is challenging, because of the taste. Does anyone else have this problem? What did you do? ## Hello, Teri! How are you doing? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Yes, a change in taste is a reported side effect of Vivitrol, along with congestion, fear and lack of appetite. I've had a couple medications that have caused such an issue and the only thing I really found that helped me was to suck on strong candy, or sip cola throughout the day. Have you asked your doctor if they have any solutions? ## Thank you for replying! :) Yes, I've been sipping soda, an...

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Need to hear about anyone's experience with Naltrexzone, Vivatrol, etc.....getting ready to have my son put on it......scared ## son getting started on vivitrol. need info. very exspensive is there a generic form. ## There will not be a generic for awhile. I am very curious how your son made out with injections. I am contimplating same. ## my son wants to be on injections of vivitrol but tells me that the only way to get help is he has to go to rehab? is this true can his primary care doc help him? he is in MA ## This June will be 4 years freedom from alcohol.!!!!!!! This was my miracle!!!! People look at me like I have 3 heads. So here's a new one I got. It says in the alcoholics anonymous literature. The only cure is a daily reprieve. There is no cure. Science may one-day acco...

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Vivitrol Side Effects

I was on Vivitrol for alcohol addiction from April 2015 until November 2016. Around December 2015 I began experiencing sexual side effects - low libido & decreased feelings during climax. Symptoms became worse over time. I have now been off the medication for almost a year and still have no libido, arousal or sexual feelings. Vivitrol has damaged both my dopamine and serotonin receptors. This is similar to Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. There is no cure and it may be permanent. Vivitrol did help with my addiction to alcohol, but I would have gone off the medication sooner if I had known that I would lose my sexuality. There is no research on this and no cure. I have tried various dopamine agonists to no avail. I am not depressed and have no other medical or psychological issues. If y...

Vivitrol and Opioids

I need help. I'm getting a vivitrol shot in 2 days. I have taken opioids up until last night. I want information from anyone that has actually taken opioids up until around 65 hours before their shot, and if so, what were the side effects? Please I need help. I'm scared but I also need the shot. ## Yes, you need to be in full withdrawal, before getting the shot, or there is a risk of it putting you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals, which may include seizures, according to NIH warnings. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain. It would be best to make sure your doctor is aware of the last time you took opiates, to make sure it is safe for you to be given this shot. Are you on any other medications? ## Hi, i don't know much about viv...

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vivitrol shot

Has anyone had any luck w this shot for opiate cravings? ## YES, it works great. I was addicted to pain killers for. 3 years and nothing worked. Vivitrol really helped with my cravings and I've been clean 7 months now!!! My family and I are so thankful! ## I have been on the vivatrol shot for 2 mths and it instantly stopped all urges and cravings....I recommend it for anyone who is serious about being sober....I went to the hospital when I took my first naltrexone pill 3mg sent me into withdrawal that I've never experienced before I can't put it into words it was bad!!!! The shot is 380 mg so for serious people only...

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Vicitrol shot

So, I had about eight days clean, after going to a treatment center and going thru opiate withdrawls. When I got home I called about a vivitrol assessment and they told me to come in on the 24th. So I went and got a 30 mg Roxy. Well, today they called and told me to come in for labs tomorrow. Is the oxycodone in my system going automatically knock out my chances of getting the injection? ## Did you ever get an answer on this?!? I'm curious about the same thing. Getting my shot tomorrow!!!!

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Vivitrol after Norco

I am getting a vivitrol shot tomorrow at 3:30. I was in pain today and broke down and ended up taking eight 10/325 norco throughout the day. I took 2 every 4 hours. Being that it is just norco and not something a whole lot stronger, will I be ok taking the shot, or will it send me into precipitated withdrawals? Thank you. ## It could still send you into precipitated withdrawals, so it may be best not get the shot, unless your doctor says otherwise. The typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and muscle spasms. What did you end up doing? ## Got the shot. Definitely sent me into precipitated withdrawals. I started feeling better this morning. Wanted to die for the first 24 hours.

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finding a doctor for vivitrol shot

I'm looking for a doctor in the Lehigh valley to get the vivitrol shot. ## Looking for vivitrol shot for my daughter. We live in the Lehigh valley and she's getting out of jail on June 3. If you could please send me a list of drs that give the shot that would be great.

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How long between Vivitrol injections?

I was on suboxone for 2 years. Had surgery on my foot and was prescribed oxycodone. After that ran out I took methadone until I could get to a new suboxone dr. She saw that I had methadone in my system and wouldnt give me the suboxone. I ended up with a drug overdose and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. After 7 days they gave me Vivitrol, with sent me into severe withdrawals. They want me to get a Vivitrol shot in 5 days, however I think it will be too soon. Any thoughts?

Vivitrol injection

I had the vivitrol injection done on the 15th of this month and I'm also type 1 diabetic. My blood sugars have been over 600 since the injection. I've talked to 4 different pharmacists, the maker of vivitrol and the fda and I have been told that my body and the shot are not working well together. Well I have an appointment on 2-11 at a sub clinic which the Dr that gave me the shot advised probably would be the best for me. Well today I got a call from the sub clinic telling me in order for them to see and treat me I would have to test dirty for pain pills. So the nurse pretty much told me to take something a day before I come in. My question is if I take a few pain pills before the 11th will they show up in my drug test so I can be seen at this sub clinic? Thanks. ## Please anyo...

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vivitrol shot in northern indiana

Are there any doctors in our area of South Bend, IN, or surrounding towns that prescribe the Vivitrol shot? ## Try Elkhart Family Physicians: 2115 W Lexington Ave Elkhart, IN 46514 574-296-3950 Another Option may be a new facility (not sure if they are open yet): Parkdale Recovery Center 545 West Monitor Street Crown Point IN? 46307 Rigo Garcia is the founder-they are going to service mainly medical professionals. If you have issues and are willing to make a monthly drive there are many options closer to Indy: Indiana Health Group-Jon Butler MD Aziz Pharmacy Clearvista Recovery Associates Sycamore Springs (Lafayette) ## There is a provider in Ft Wayne: Innovative Professional Services, LLC 3464 Stellhorn Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815 PHONE: 260-432-6508 ## Thank you very much for your ...

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what pain meds can you take on vivitrol

WHAT PAIN MEDICATIONS CAN YOU SAFELY TAKE FOR BACK PAIN WHILE YOU ARE ON THE VIVITROL INJ. ## Hello, Phillip! How are you? Naltrexone is listed by the FDA as neutralizing opiates, so the only things you could take that would work are non-narcotic medications, such as NSAIDs. Typical NSAID side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. What has your doctor recommended?

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