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Pharex b1b6b12 and Acenetrex Vitamins

Please I am in dare need of help to know or have the address of where to order Pharex b1b6b12 and Acenetrex Vitamins for my use. I have tried locating it in my state without result. Thanks for quick response. Gymbaby ## Gymbaby, I am not sure where you could purchase them and I hae no idea what state you are in. Have you tried looking online to see if you can order them? Is there a reason that you specifically need these ones or would a comparable with the same ingredients do? ## Verwon, I am very grateful for your help. My dear I am in Nigeria. I have no specific reason for requiring Pharex brand. It is just that somebody in this forum responded to my call. But if I can have a comparable brand with same ingredients that would be ok for me. Again if I can see the link to buy them online...

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