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Hickman cathater

I noticed today when changing my dressing, an odor from my cathater site.also on used dressing. I've been on and off using antibiotic powder for summer months when it's over 100 degrees. Does that smell always indicate infection? ## What are you using the antibiotic powder for? What type of odor? Some antibiotics can cause a sulfur-like smell to your urine. Have you consulted your doctor?

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Veletri Reviews

Has Veletri helped others? Looking for any feedback or reviews from personal experience. ## Hello, Faye! How are you? Of course it has, or it wouldn't be FDA approved. It is used to treat PAH to improve exercise capacity. Has it been prescribed for you? The most common side effects include flushing, headache, dizziness and flu like symptoms. ## Yes, I have been on it for 8 months and I feel 99% better. The side effects go away when the dr. gets you averaged out and reach the dosage you will stay at...

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