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Vaseline Intensive Care SPF 15

WHY CAN'T i FIND THIS AT TARGET WALMART OR K MART? IS IT OFF THE MARKET NOW? ## Hello, From what I'm seeing on the manufacturer's website, it doesn't look like they make Vaseline Intensive Care products with SPF anymore. I noticed that if you run a search for "Vaseline Intensive Care SPF" on their contact page, and click on "Can't find your favorite product?", it will show that "it's not listed here and has been discontinued"… So unless you come across an older container that's been sitting on the shelf somewhere, you'd probably have better luck trying a different product with similar active ingredients at one of the retail stores you mentioned. When was the last time you recall purchasing it?

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Vasaline Intensive Care 15+

Where can I get some in Melbourne????? ## Since I don't live in your area I wouldn't be aware of the stores that carry it over there. However "Vasaline Intensive Care Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 15" can be bought online via various retailers, including ebay. Have you tried checking any of your local pharmacies or drug stores? If you can't find it there, it may just be easier to have it shipped to you.

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