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Tylenol 3: 325/30 Availability

Tylenol 325/15 is OTC in just about every country except the US. We are a country that panics over prescription meds but allow the Tobacco industry to addict and slowly and painfully murder over 400,000 Americans per year for multi-billions in profit. Congress, the FDA, the DEA, federal and local police don't mind badgering someone in pain. But ask them to go after Tobacco and they are cowards! I've got no respect for the FDA *****s who set up the new "rules". They can shove'm as far as possible!!! ## So, I have looked up the real statistics. This is what the FDA, DEA, and everyone who doesn't care about other's pain. The average overdoses per year from 1999 unit today is around 14,000 Americans per year. The deaths via drunk driving is still around 16,000 Am...

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Tylenol 3 with flavoring ok?

Can you add flavoring so child can drink? ## If it was prescribed for your child, then it should already be available in flavors and chewables. Tylenol 3 contains Acetaminophen and Codeine, so this is not something you should not just give to a child because they have a headache or stomach ache - this should only be given when a doctor says it is alright to do so and prescribed it for them. And let me state, that most doctors will not prescribe opioids to children for typical childhood ailments. These are only used for children suffering severe conditions that cause pain.

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