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M117 Blue Pill

This is a generic form of Truvada. It contains Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (300MG) and Emtricitabine (200mg) and is manufactured by Mylan Laboratories in India. This pill is used as Prep - a once a day pill for those at risk of contracting HIV, or for those already diagnosed with HIV, to reduce the viral count of HIV in the system ## I would like to ask i found blue pills M117 I'm my girlfriend bag hidden what are they for? I also found brown oval pills GAL WHAT are they for Am I safe from HIV ## Hi Zakes, If you know or suspect that your partner has HIV based on these pills that were found, it seems to me like your best bet would be for the two of you to go in for testing or at least a closer evaluation. But before that, I would probably encourage you to sit down with your partne...

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Blue Oval Pill 124 H

I found an blue caplet shaped tablet marked H on one side & 124 on the other in with my partners meds. But he can't remember what it is. Can anyone tell us & what it's for & how it makes you feel? Thanks heaps! ## I found this blue tablet H 124 in my husband's bag ## It's an ART drug. A generic Truvada. It is usually used as a Prep, preexposure proflaxis. Taken by HIV- people to reduce & prevent HIV ## What is a blue pill marked H124 used for? Is it ARVs?

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Will Hiv Medications Show Up On Drug Tests

hi i am gonna take a drug test for job and am curious with my anti-viral meds, such as truvada and kaletra show up in a bad way and do i need to show the person that is doing the drug tsting that i am on them? thx ## No, these types of medications are not tested for, on these types of drug tests and they are also not known to cause false positives for anything else. Good luck getting the job and is there anything else I can help with? ## I just took a drug test at my job and i testes postive for oxyxodone and I don't no why I don't take them so could u tell me what make have cause this

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