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picture of an 627

small round white tablet markes witth AN 627 on one side, nothing onthe other ## Due to copyright reasons, I cannot post a picture. I can, however, tell you that this tablet contains 50mgs of Tramadol, a generic for Ultram. This is a very mild narcotic analgesic, that primarily works as an anti-inflammatory. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and constipation.

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What is in this medication all I know that it has ancenphetomine??? ## Tramadol is a narcotic pain reliever (also known as an opioid). Actually, Tramadol is the name of the active ingredient itself (so there is nothing 'in' it per say). Sometimes it is combined with Acetaminophen, and the brand of that medication is called Ultracet. Feel free to post back any additional questions... Thank You! ## a small light orange tablet scored on one side with the number2083 below the line and a z above the line ## Marti, the closest match that was found is a scored, round, orange tablet with the imprint 2083 on it. Does not mention there being any letters 'a z' on it though. This is Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg, which treats high blood pressure. Does that sound familiar at all?

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Tramadal dosage

I have a pill that has 37.5-325 mg on it. So when it says not to exceed more than 300mg are they referring to the 37.5mg side? ## No it's more for the APAP (aka acetaminiphen as taking more than 975mg every 4 hours or so will absolutely rot the crap outta your stomach lining and damage your liver considerably. Try and get it without the APAP, as the real reason they putit in the Tramadol is a) help it's distribution into the bloodstream which is one thing APAP is known for and then to B) To try and keep junkies from wanting to abuse it for the same reason as a) above. Hope this helps you. Jah Love. Selah ## Acetaminophen can actually be a very dangerous drug, the daily limit for it is just 4grams (4000mgs). The 300mgs in this case, does refer to the Tramadol.

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Other Side Effects of Tramadol

What is the side effect with this drug besides the fact that it is addicting? ## I was recently prescribed this medication for a spinal cord condition and I haven't taken it yet. I'm afraid to. If it's not a narcotic medication, why so many warnings and why is it addicting? ## I don't know about the narcotic of it, but I DO know my husband has been taking it for a couple years for his back pain. He didn't seem to be addicted, but it didn't help his pain much for starters anyway. Secondly, he was taking 150mg at one time, which you shouldn't take over 100mg at a time. Then, because he has a history of hepatitis (the one that goes away, don't remember which one that is A,B,C,D or E). Anyway, he had to stop taking it because it caused spots on his liver, and...

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what medicine has an627

round white pill with an 627 on one side and nothing on the other ## This is Tramadol 50mgs, a generic for Ultram. This is classified as a narcotic, however it was derived from a sythetic one in a failed attempt to reduce addiction and side effects. Thus they have a medication that acts like a basic anti-inflammatory, but carries the same side effects and addictive potential as an opiate. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and constipation.

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treMadol HCL 50mg Tablet

iam not sure ? ## I take TREMADOL as a pain relief i suffer from a servere backacke and an unrearabale pain that comes from top to down of my left leg I can neither stand up nor walk I don`t know this morning I took INDOLAN 2 G IT`S now 2 hours and I`m intendin to take TREMADOL AS i STILL FEEL THE PAIN ## Just to make it easier for you to find information on it, I will let you know that the correct speling is Tramadol. Tramadol is derived from a narcotic and therefore listed as a Schedule II drug, however, it does not work like a narcotic, it works like an anti-inflammatory. As to the other drug you referred to, I cannot find any information on that one. ## thanx vermon for your response unfotunately for me even tramadol couldn`t alleviate my pain therefore muy doctor prescribed for me ...

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I am currently taking 150 - 200 mg of Tramadol a day. 50mg as needed for pain evry 4-6 hours. I have just noticed today. My 4th day of being prescribed this medicine. That I have a bump that is almost directly under my ear and closer to the back of my ear. I am thinking there is a gland or somehting that is sweilling. Anyone know anything about this, Any information is great. Thanks.

pill with number 377

small white elongated ## found them in my daughters purse ## Oblong white pill imprinted with 377 is 50mg Tramadol, generic for Ultram. This is a narcotic pain pill. ## Ah, my apologies, it is not a narcotic. ## No Ben, you were correct the first time. They do classify this as a narcotic now, even though it doesn't work like one and acts like a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Since it is derived as an opiate and can result in some cases of dependence or addiction, they have reclassified it as schedule II narcotic.

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triazepan M T7

its white and a circle, it has a M on one side and a T7 on the opposite side ## This is Tramadol 50mgs a very mild anti-inflammatory pain reliever, it is opiate based so classed as a narcotic, but it does not carry the same side effects. This is a generic for Ultram.

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a pill that has on one side the number 58 and the other swide number 93

a small white oblong tablet with 93 on one side and 58 on other side ## i found this pill in my dogs mouth. what is it, what is it for, and whats the dose ## This is generic Tramadol, 50mg, generic for Ultram. It is a non-narcotic pain reliever used for mild to moderate pain; however, it has been proven to be very addictive. Side effects include euphoria, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, among many many other side effects. ## Second that, I currently take the same dose and size and the effects are the same as available narcotic pain killers on the market. ## Actually, this is a very mild narcotic, it actually is classified as a narcotic, because it is derived from an opiate, but it does not have the same effects as regular narcotics. It does more for inflammation than regular narcotics ...

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tramadol hcl acetaminophen

red kali 083 ## WHAT IS IT USED FOR? ## This is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, it contains both Acetaminophen and Tramadol so it is a little stronger than just Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen alone. It is non-narcotic, so it is really mild and only helps with minor aches and pain.

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kail 083

it is a red pill. THE SHAPE IS KINDA LIKE A TIC TAC. on one side it says ''KALI AND THE OTHER SIDE SAYS 083 ## what is this pill used for? ## This is Tramadol 37.5mgs and Acetaminophen 325mgs, a generic version of Ultracet. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, used to relieve mild to moderate pain.

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white oval shaped pill with the number 58 on one side and 93 on the other ## This pill is not Travasol, it is something totally different, this is Tramadol 50mgs, this is a mild, non-narcotic pain reliever, if you are supposed to be on Travasol, which is an amino acid injection treatment, then you have the wrong prescription. Here's the monograph listing for Tramadol: Tramadol Info Click Here

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tracet tablets

tramadol/apap 37.5 mg ## This might be a name for this drug from a certain company that manufactures it, but the most common name for this med is Ultracet, so if you look under that, you will find it easier. Ultracet Info Click Here ## Ultracet does not come in a generic yet I dont think, unless it happened over the past month or so. ## I just looked it up at Ident-A-Drug, the paid site I use, there is a generic now available from Kali (Remember those weird ones that showed up before, and we couldn't find at walls because they were too new in the U.S.) Reddish Orange Tablet, Oblong, Marking Kali 083. Same dosage as the name brand McNeil one, but those are the only two companies listed as having it currently on the market. Here's the image, this is the only on from Kali that is c...

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C01 127

ordered from online pharmacy and dont think it is what I ordered. Need to know what it is ## I can't find it anywhere. Do you mind if I ask what it was you ordered? If I know this information I could do a better job of verifying whether they sent you the right thing or not. ## Are you sure the imprint isn't COR 127? They make the R on these really runny, and many people have thought it was an L, I, T or 1. But COR 127 is the actual imprint and it is 50mg Tramadol, generic for Ultram. Is that what you ordered? You can see on the ID portion of that they have the same problem with these pills and the hard to decipher imprint: Pharmer ## Just for reference, so you can double check, here are a few of their other pills with the COR on them: Image Image

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377 & KALI 083

small white oblong pill w imprint 377 and oblong hot pink pill with kali on one side and 083 on the other ## The KALI 083 is generic tramadol, 37.5mg tramadol and 325mg acetaminophen. It is generic for Ultracet. It is a non-narcotic pain medication; however, it has proven to be quite addictive for many people so be careful. It causes dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision. Also, it can cause constipation so drink lots of water. ## Are there any other markings on the 377 pill? If not, it is also Tramadol 50mgs.

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L 010 white pill ID

What is a white pill w/ line in center w/ L on top & 010 on bottom? ## This tablet contains Tramadol Hydrochloride 100 mg (NDC 68180-0697). Inactive Ingredients: - Colloidal Silicon Dioxide - Dibutyl Sebacate - Ethylcelluloses - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Povidone - Sodium Stearyl Fumarate - Shellac - Ferrosoferric Oxide - Propylene Glycol

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found this pill... stamped cot127 (t actually looks like a upside down backwards capital L).. thank you ## I found this pill CO (upsidedown L) and the number 127. What is it? ## The letter you think is a T or upside down L is actually supposed to be an R, this is a common mistake because of the way they shape it in their logo. Your pill is Tramadol 50mgs, this is a non-narcotic analgesic.

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White oval shaped pill

I found a white oval shaped pill, with the #'s 377 on it could you please identify for me please ## Does it say anything on the other side like MYLAN or anything else? ## its a white oval shaped pill that has the #'s 377 on it and there is nothing on the other side please help me. ## Pretty sure that 377 is 50 mg Tramadol ## found pill in sons pocket i would like to know what it is and what it is pricribed for

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T7 M

my boyfriend is taking a drug given to him by someone else. it has a T7 on one side and a M on the other. they said it was for pain. what is it really. ## Tramadol (T7 ) is used to assist in relieving post-surgery pain. Moderately severe pain can be handled by this medicine. Some instances for the use of this drug are dental surgery, bone replacement, hysterectomy, or even a caesarian section. Tramadol is also used to treat chronic pain caused by cancer, lower back problems, or nerve pain.

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