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Tivdak side effects

After first Tivdak treatment I am having trouble getting back on my feet. I am two weeks out and still having trouble getting up and completing basic household chores. I am normally a productive person. I am unsure if I had a virus (tested negative for Covid, strep and flu) that may have affected my perceived side effects. I have experienced extreme fatigue, fever, pain and body aches, itchy eyes, and difficulty sleeping. I would love to hear about other patients’ experiences on this treatment. ## Tivdak is a cancer treatment, and unfortunately, they are notorious for causing a lot of side effects. They do warn about adverse ocular reactions being very common, so your itchy eyes aren't really surprising. Did your doctor instruct you to have your eyes checked, before you were g...

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Tidvak chemo decision

I have stage IVA metastatic cervical cancer which has gone to the wall of my bladder. Tidvak is the only treatment recommended by my doctor and the second opinion doctor. The side effects seem very scary and I have not been able to find any favorable reports from patients. I will need to make a decision when I get results from my scan on Tuesday. Is there anyone out there who has had good or at least tolerable results from this treatment? ## Hi Nancy! How are you doing? With such a serious diagnosis, it is always best to follow your doctor's recommendations. I understand that the side effects may be scary. In this case the manufacturer has a very informative website with details on its efficacy, side effects, and etc. Tivdak Website The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly...

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Tivdak effectiveness

My sister is doing very poorly. Has had 2 infusions of Tivdak. Has floored her. Has had a scan awaiting results. Anyone had a good response to this drug? ## Tivdak is used to treat women with cervical cancer whose cancer has either returned, spread in their body, or for whom chemotherapy stopped working, or didn't work at all. Ref: Tivdak Official Website and Tivdak Basic Information Cancer treatment medications are very potent, and unfortunately tend to cause some problematic side effects, such as eye problems, including dry eye, and blurry vision; tiredness, nausea, rash, diarrhea, and hair loss. As of the latest studies done on Tivdak, 24% of women had a positive response to it, so she should continue treatments as deemed appropriate by her doctor. How is she feeling? Has there b...

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