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Should My Hospital Know If There Is A Thyrogen Shortage And Not Make Appointments That Cant Be Kept

I WAS ON DAY 11 OF MY 14 DAY DIET,MISSING MY MILK,WHY DIDN'T THEY CHECK WITH PHARMACIST TO SEE IF THERE WAS MEDS ## I would imagine that when setting up the appointment, they had no way of knowing there would still be a shortage, at the time of the appointment. In addition, it is probably impossible for them to keep track of all medication shortages, at any given time. The shortage, however, has been going on since early this year and there is no still no information on when, if ever, it will be rectified. Did they offer you any other alternatives or make any suggestions? ## Hi, Not sure if you meant milk or milk thistle. I personally feel milk thistle is much more dangerous than most have thought. I would suggest anyone who doubts me to google:DANGERS OF MILK THISTLE---- AND READ A...

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