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I have a large white oval pill with THEO-DUR 200 on one side and a split in the middle on the other side. Is this Oxycocone/apap? ## This tablet does NOT contain Oxycodone/APAP or any other opioid. It contains Theophylline 200 mg (NDC 0085-0933). ## Found a large white oval pill with theo-dur 700 on one side and a split in the middle on the other side ## Are you sure the imprint has "700" instead of "100"? I don't think Theo-Dur comes in 700 mg.

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I found a White pill large oval pill on 1 side it says THE O DUR 700 and the other side is blank with a spit in the middle, does any body know what this is? ## It sounds like you have a 700mg dose of Theo-Dur which is used to treat certain respiratory conditions. What country did you obtain this in? You can also read more details about this medication at: Do you have any other questions or information to share? Please post back if you do...

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