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CHRONIC BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS, COULD IT BE THE TEGRETOL? I HAVE TRIED SO MANY RX MEDS NO CURE AND I DON'T SLEEP AROUND. I AM MARRIED AND OTHERWISE HEALTHY. I HAVE DONE ALL THE NESSESARY THINGD TO GET RID OF THIS INFECTION INC... SEEN AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE DR. DOES THIS DRUG INTERFER WITH THE VAGINAS ABILITY TO STAY HEALTHY? PLEASE E MAIL ONLY! ## I didn't find it listed as a side effect of Tegretol, according to the FDA reports, they typically include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. Has your husband also been checked? Sometimes, they can also be infected, and engaging in intercourse can reinfect you. He may need to be examined by a urologist. Are you on any other medications?

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Tegretol drug information

After taking tegretol i had liver failure and was told i had hep c. I cleared the hep c with a viral load every time i have a flare up of the liver tegretol can cause toxic hepatitis. Now im told im in stage four liver disease in 7 month time. ## Tegretol can and will cause toxic hepatitis which in no time causes cirrosis which then come down to a liver transplant. When tegretol is prescrible the Dr. needs to run a test to see if you carry a certain enzyme. This is one perscription that can be deadly not only with toxic hepatitis but other deadly diseases also. Make sure if starting this prescription you are aware of the symtoms of liver failure or other diseases developing. ## Will taking the generic - carbamazepine - cause it too? I see my neuro 2 x a year. how many times should i be ...

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Tegretol XR 2000 mg

I am currently taking 2000 mg of Tegretol XR and was wondering if I was the only one taking such a high dose of this? ## Hi! I am also taking a high dose of Tegretol XR. I am now taking 1600mg per day. ## Be careful if you are unusually tired and feel ackie go to Dr. immediatly. ## I am suffering with mild Renal problem, may I take tegretal for foot burning ## Correct me if Im wrong but isnt this way over the maximum daily dose.!! ## I took 2,000mg of Tegretol and got really sick, to the point that i could not walk straight and i felt sick to my stomach. trying to function was really hard because of the dizziness I was told by my doc that i was suffering from an overdose.

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