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carbotaxol vs Vitamin C

My Mother has lung cancer. She is taking radiation and Chemo carbo taxol. The Chemo Doctor said do not take Vitamin C with this drug as it will weaken the effectiveness. Is this true? I am a 25 yr breast cancer survivor. A nutritionist at the MD Anderson Clinic in Houston told me to take mega doses of Vit. C while going through my one year of Chemo. I did. I am alive today and I believe the Vit. C helped me. Is there some research on vitamin C and the chemicals given for cancer cure? Thank you!

Neurapathy after chemo using taxol

Took six chemo's of taxol and developed severe neurapathy in legs feet and hands. can not walk with walker and help and can not feel anything in hands. lost feeling of needing to go to bathroom etc. has any one had this and will it get better with time. it has been three months since last treatm ent.