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Tysabri and muscle spasms

I have MS and infuse with Tysabri. I am having severe muscle spasms. I am allergic to Lyrica, Baclofen, Methocarbamol, all prednizone drugs, etc. I take Dilaudid for pain as I also have a frontal-lobe brain tumor. I do go to a pain clinic, but my insurance BC/BS has denied my claim for muscle relaxants. Apparently, my pain clinic cannot prescribe Soma. I suffer from migraines and I am asking what can be prescribed for severe muscle spasms? Thank you. ## Hi Rae, sorry to hear about your pain. There's another thread on this site asking about Diclofenac in conjunction with Tysabri. I checked both the webmd and medscape drug interaction tools and nothing was listed between those 2 drugs. Have you asked your doctor about Diclofenac? I'd be really interested to know what they say. Alt...

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Diclofenac in conjunction with Tysabri

I take Tysabri for multiple sclerosis. I am struggling with arthritis pain, as I can't take immuno suppresant therapy with Tyasabri. My only drug allergy is to sulfa. Is Diclofenac an option? ## I checked several interaction databases and none of them listed any problems with taking these two drugs together. Of course, the best judge of what is safe for you to use is going to be your doctor. ## What pain pill can help nerve pain from a severed arm, plus chronic ankylosing spondylitis? ## I receive a Tysabri infusion for M.S. - Can I take Diclofenac for muscle pain?

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