Switching From Trust Pills To Althea

tamtam Says:

I finished the last pack of my trust pills and now its my 8th day, and i should drink or start a new pack of trust pills but i switched to althea and I'm taking althea now. Is it possible to get pregnant if i had intercourse on my first pill of althea?

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Angel Says:

Hi! im a first time user of Althea. It's my 4th day of my menstration now (Wednesday) and I started to take Althea. Since I start Wednesday, should I choose Wednesday to drink 1 tablet.. Is it right?? And my 2nd question: every time I finish a 21 pack of Althea should I stop for 7 days before I start a new pack again?? Even if I have no mens yet? Is it safe to have intercourse during the 7 days pill free?? I need your answer pls! Thanks you!??

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jesica Says:

I've been on the althea pill for 3 months and I wanna switch to trust pills... Is it safe? And how should I do it? Thanks.

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Bella Says:

Hi.. I used Althea before but switched to trust pills.. and now I decided to go back to using Althea bcoz I had pimples with trust pill. It's the 5th day of my period. It is indicated in the pill that the first day is Sunday but today is Thursday. Is it okay if I took the pill with the day Sunday even if it's Thursday today until I finish the whole pack?

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Grace Says:

Hello. Please help. I need an answer. Tanung ko lang ok lang ba inumin ung althea after menses? Tulad ng trust pill? Sa trust kasi iniinum ko sya every after mens kaya ganun din ginawa ko sa althea natapos ko na ung 1st pack nagkaroon ako nung pang 4th day. Pwede ba ko uminom after mens na lng ulit?

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