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Withdrawal from stelazine

I have been on stelaine for 25 years with short breaks but I am trying to stop it and getting nasty withdrawal effects. I have reduced from 7mg to 3mg daily but have headaches anxiety and sense of unreality. I fell perfectly rational and know it is not the ill ness returning. I am seeking advice from someone who has managed to get of this drug or for any tips. I am planning to cut down 1mg per month but am already apprehensive about this. ## Stelazine contains the active ingredient Trifluoperazine, this is most commonly used as an antipsychotic medication. What you are experiencing is a very common effect from try to stop any type of medication that you have been on for a prolonged period. You may also experience rebound symptoms. You have been on this medication for a very long period ...

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how long does it take to withdrawl from stelazine

I was misdiagnosed for 20 years. I've been on antipsychotics for 20 years. I've been on Atypical for maybe 8 years. I have ptsd only. I have been on Stelazine for maybe 3 years. I was on 15mg. When I first started coming off of it I would cut a 5mg pill in 1/4. After 3 months I was down 10mg..then It's been cut down to 5mg. Going from 1/2 5mg every 3 now I'm at 5mg. I've had anxiety for 3 months now after going to 5mg. I'm also on 400mg of Lamictal, 4mg of Xanax, 200mg of Trazodone. I wake up with anxiety every morning to the point that I feel my heart is going to beat out of my chest most days. I take my night meds at 2am because I wake up at 5:30 AM if I go to bed at a normal time say 11 or 12. I wake up at 7:30-8:30 am. The first thing I take is Xan...

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Trouble swallowing after long term stelazine use

After taking stelazine on and off for 40 years I developed a very distressing condition which can be one of the side effects of the drug. I found that I could not swallow liquids and eat solids (only tolerating mashed and pureed food) for a number of months. I started reducing the medication gradually and the symptoms improved. After 1 year I still have minor symptoms when drinking too much at once and cannot lie down immediately after eating. ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems you experienced. Have you stopped taking it entirely, or are you just on a lower dose, now? These types of medications are known to cause a lot of problematic side effects, especially with long-term use, according to the NIH, some people experience total constipation, urinary retentio...

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combination of stelazine and evening primrose oil

I have found recently information on the net about the harmful effects of evening primrose oil when taken with stelazine. I was surprised that there is no mention of this on the information leaflet that comes with stelazine. Apparently the combination of the these two products can cause seizures.

weight lost after withdrawl from stelazine

Losing 12 kg of weight after withdrawal from stelazine 5 mg during only one year . I used to take it for 33 years. I withdrew by 0.5 MG every 45 days...with reducing daily sugar in tea cups from 6 to 2 tea spoon and stopped taking rice . and started walking for one hour daily and taking a dish of salad before lunch and taking fruit between meals. Also I stopped taking dinner and milk I am now in good health but complaining from this huge lost of weight. My weight was 93 kg in September 2015 and now 9 September 2016 it is 80.6 mg. Is this lost of weight normal? I take now 1 mg instead of taking 5 MG of stelazine and will continue the process of withdrawal.

Stelazine Tablets, 5 mg

Why are they or have they stopped producing Stelazine Tablets, only do the syrup now?? My son relies on the tablets, Please give me an answer ## Hi Heppsy, The only information I've come across in regards to your question, is that the Trifluoperazine (The active ingredient in Stelazine tablets) may have been recalled for a couple different reasons. One possibly being that the testing of the product's stability indicates that it may not maintain potency over shelf-life. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think it could mean that the product (medication) may not last through the expiration date, as it should. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the Stelazine (Trifluoperazine) syrup has been taken off the market, you may want to ask your pharmacist. If it's no longer...

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usage of stelazine

i have been on stalzine for many years only a low dosage to relax my stomach muscles as one of my problems is a very severe irritable bowel syndrome to which it does work for me but now i am getting concerned if in the long term usage is bad for me ## Is Stelazine still available for prescription in the UK? It was the only drug (1mg) that helped my anxiety and relaxed my stomach muscles.

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learn about adilosy

prescribed in place of stelazine. Used for epileptic seizures as I understand it. Also taking Lamactil for epilepsy. Can either cause side effects or work against each other. ## Sorry, the adilosy is spelled wrong. It is supposed to be abilosy. I will research and start a new drug submission for abilosy. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.

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