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Dentiguard mouthwash from ALDI

OK, I'm going to write my experiences with using this dentiguard crap from ALDI grocery and put everything on a time line and see what you think. starting 12-26-2010 about one week ago I started using a mouthwash from ALDI after about two to three days my tongue started to get real sore and looked like some acid was eating it away, didn't think it was the mouthwash so I continued to use as directed on the bottle 20ML or four teaspoons, going into the third day my tongue started to swell up and little tiny sores appeared and like I said I didn't think it was the mouthwash, after I additional day of using this product I couldn't take it any more so went to my local Wall-mart and bought some six in 1 total care Listerine and it burned like HELL and after 2 days of just usin...

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Stanford Mouthwash for Oral Thrush

Is Stanford Mouthwash recommended for the treatment of oral thrush when they are allergic to Tetracyclene? The thrush is a result of 1 week of broad spectrum antibiotic use for sepsis. What is the best remedy for this? ## Tetracycline wouldn't be effective at treating thrush, since it another antibiotic, it could cause it just like the other, or make it worse. And as to the Stanford Mouthwash, I am afraid that I can't really say, without knowing the exact ingredients. These products are regional and usually contain a blend of ingredients, the pharmacy knows what to put in it, when your doctor orders it, but there is no set ingredient list. The best remedy for oral thrush is an antifungal medication. What has your doctor recommended? ## The reason I posted (for my daughter) is th...

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