Splitting Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg


I was prescribed MT 25mg twice daily by the ER doctor after 3 visits of increased heart rate. Was diagnosed with sinus tarchycardia. It has helped my episodes but my bp has dropped to 94/55. Due to me not having insurance, im not able to get an appt til Dec/Jan. I was wondering if its safe to half my doses because I can tell when its low & I can't keep going to the er. PLEASE REPLY SOON

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Tablets can be cut, or split, unless they are time released formulations and/or your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you otherwise.

Are you having any symptoms from your BP being that low, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and etc?

If not, then there is no reason to worry, because those aren't dangerous numbers and are nothing to worry about, unless they are causing problematic symptoms.


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Yes I was getting very sleepy, dizzy & blurred vision. Now I've started to experience ringing in my ears.

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Then you definitely need to be careful, Tamesha and you should see a regular doctor, as well.

This may not be the right medication for you. It is the first choice of most doctors, but it is known to cause bad side effects and low blood pressure, like you're experiencing, in some people. You may need to switch to something else.


One that's known to work for most of the same medical conditions, but not cause as many side effects, is Carvedilol:


So you may want to ask your doctor about it.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Changed from met Succinate to met Tartrate due to drug price increase about 6 mos. ago and for last few months on it have felt dizzy, chest heaviness,fatigue, ringing ears, some aches in heart area. Since I have not had A Fib in over a year or two could I safely stop taking Metoprolol completely? I now take 25 mg a day now; went down from 50 a day and am ok this last 2 weeks.

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No u
can't just stop taking beta blockers I have to gradually decrease the dosage

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I would consult with Dr. first, can't you just send him/her an email just to be sure??? I know that I am given 25 mgs. of Toprol XL for a month and I was told to split them in half, because I was doing fine with only 12.5 mg. Take care and God Bless

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EARS Ringing, take 25 Mg metropolo for 16 months is this causing my ears to ring have been ringing for 3 weeks now?

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Can I cut metropol. 25 mg xl in 4 pieces last time I took it .drop my pressure to 80 over 60 only half.thank uou

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my doctor recently switch my medication from Inderal 80 mg once a day to metoprolol tartrate 25mg split in half twice a day, i also take lisinopril 40 mg once a day hydrochloride 25mg and Crestor 10mg once a day, I also have IBS so I take a lactose pill and a probiotic and iodine when needed, I have only taken the metoprolol for two days and i am experiencing a somewhat pounding heart at times and feeling like i just drank a pot of coffee, are these side effects and do the side effects wear off, does your body just need to adjust or is this just the wrong medication for me?

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I'm taking metoprolol tartrate 25mg . Cut the table in half, 3 times a day. Is it 3 or 6 halfs in one day.

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That’s what I do. 25 mg metoprolol tartrate cut in half then half again. I take it four times a day.

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