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soma 350 about how long before not showing in urine test..please

have to take urine test in 9 days. how long does it take to get out of your system? help...hurry please....thanks...breezy.......... ## I have never taken a soma I took one 26 hrs ago and I have a urine test at my doctor in 8 hrs. Will this show up on tje drug test although I am prescribed xanx 1 mg and aderal 10 mg

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need soma rx asap colorado

Can anyone please refer me to a dr near thornton co thats open late saturday nights or sunday. one that's doesnt mind prescribing soma, lidocaine patches & percocet. also i have job no money but do have all my previous dr. Visits information, mris etc. but i need help asap please! ## There is a place called not far from Thornton that is very very good at RX meds you need without being stereotyped. As it's late I don't have the card, at hand just number, it's Colorado pain ??? It's a very open clinic without the taboos..I do know ppl with Medicaid go in and they get stronger drugs, just from standing in line I've heard ppl talk about OxyContin n how Medicaid covers it. I don't take that drug, but know it's $$$$$, Medicaid covers the RX as I...

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