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can i use sinucon while pregnant?

I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have a cold and have always believed in sinucon but before i take any id like to know if i can take while pregnant. ## Please check with your doctor, before using it. ## Please do not take any med without talking to your doctor. anything taken can pass through your system & into the baby.maybe the doctor might have another suggestion. When I was pregnant I was so worried about anything (this was back in the 80s)that I wouldn't even drink pepsi ! Glad I did my children turned out very healthy.God bless & I am praying for a healthy baby for you! ## Im not sure but i suspect and feel pregnant i have flu congestion causing blocked nose and i took degoran capsules and sinucon can it dangerous if im pregnant ## Im 12 weeks+ pregnant, and really got the flu...

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sinucon dosage per day

How many sinucon tabs can a person use per day for the flu? ## My 3-year-old child took 7 Sinucon pills thinking it was sweets. What do we do and is it dangerous? Should we go to a hospital? ## Hello A de Waal, According to the manufacturer's website the dosage is up to your doctor's recommendation on a case to case basis. If you are uncertain of how much medication you should be administering contact your doctor and they should be able to give you an accurate answer. Please be cautious to not overdose on this medication, contact your doctor immediately if you start to show symptoms of overdosing. The symptoms of a possible overdosage are as follows. - dry mouth - large pupils - flushing - nausea - vomiting I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any furthe...

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shortage sinucon

Kindly advise why Sinucons are not available in South Africa currently. This has been since November last year. Thanks ## We are prescription drug information site based in the US, so I have no idea why something is not available in South Africa.

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Overdependance on Sinucon

Good day, I have become overdependant on Sinucon. I've been taking ±10 Sinucons a day for the last 4 years. I get no withdrawel symptoms if I don't take it, I just get flooded with sinuses! I can take any other make of sinus treatment as well, but I stick to Sinucon because it is affordable and because it is effective. I want to know how this bad habit of mine is doing to my health. Can it damage my liver / kidneys if I take it chronically? Please advise on how to get off of this medication (and habit) if it poses any danger to my health. Thank you, Sinuconned ## The danger from overusing these types of meds is more to your heart rather than your kidneys. These decongestants tend to cause accelerated heart rate and they can also cause high blood pressure. As to getting off ...

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