Serrapeptidase As A Substiture For Coumadin. Coumadin Is Responsible For Damage To My Aortic Valve And I Want To Stop Using It .

Herman Says:

As explained by the title above, I'm seeking a substitute for coumadin which I have been taking for some time because of atrial fibrilation. I've done a lot of research and have found a number of possible substitutes, primarity proteolitic enzymes. The problem is that they work by a different mechanism from coumadin and do not affect PT/INR. I'm leaning toward Serrapepsidase and need infrormation about the test to determine correct dosage. I will be obliged for any help I may receive from youl

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Verwon Says:

In the case, I can really only advise you to consult a doctor.

As you well know, the correct dosage used of any medication for these purposes must be carefully calculated and that is usually done by taking under consideration the results of your blood tests.

In addition, you have to be extremely careful of a possible rebound effect from stopping the Coumadin. Since it things the blood, stopping it suddenly could result in increased clotting risks.



Have you discussed this with your doctor, yet?

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Herman Says:

I have been unable to find a doctor who knows anything about serrapepdase - much less about testing its anticoagulant strength. Does anyone know an anticoagulant lab that can test serrapepdase anticoagulant effectiveness?

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