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Samsca for SIADH / Hyponutremia

How can I find a doctor who will prescribe Samsca? I haven't been able to find anyone who will... ## What are you trying to get it prescribed for? It's generally only used to treat low blood sodium levels, so unless someone has severely low levels that demand treatment with it, it is unlikely that a doctor will prescribe it. ## SIADH / hyponutremia. I've read all about the drug, & think I meet all the criteria. However I can't find a doctor that has any experience with it. ## A Dr who thinks you meet the criteria will prescribe it. Unfortunately even with insurance most cannot afford it long term. It is over $2500 for my father and we cannot afford it. Great miracle working drug but priced out of reach for the majority of those who need it.

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Samsca help

I was on assistance program and was taken off they said Medicare would cover but that price is still 2700.00 month. Where can I appeal or get other help? ## It's still that much just for your co-pay? Unfortunately, most manufacturers won't provide assistance for their products, if someone has prescription insurance of some type. The manufacturers do have a hotline for their access program, you may want to try calling them and see if there's anything you can do, it's 866-758-7069. Learn more Samsca details here. There are a few other medications in this class available, but I am not sure if any would be much cheaper. Have you tried asking your doctor or pharmacist? ## Yes it's the only thing tha works tried all other thanks for info will try that number

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Tolvaptan (Samsca) availability

Which pharmacies carry the drug tolvaptan (as a brand called samsca) available in india? ## I'm sorry, we are based in the U.S. so I really don't know where you could find it in India. Have you tried asking your doctor or checking with any local pharmacies to see if they can get it? Can anyone else help this person? ## You can find near Jehangir Hospital. I dont remember the exact medical shop name. But it opp to Ruby Hall and next to food world. I bought same composition under Brand name ReSodim 15 from Pinnacle. ## I AM FIND STOCKIST IN INDIA AT U.P VARANASI

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