Safe To Change Trust Pills Into Lady Pills?

Yhang16 Says:

I would like to ask if its safe to change my trust pill into trust lady pill,when my 1st pack is finished. In the past i used trust pill and i experience the breast tenderness and also may thighs and arms had been tender when i used it for many months.

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Verwon Says:

Yes and if you haven't missed any pills, you should be able to do a clean switchover, without any problems and should still be protected.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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ria Says:

Im a trust pills user and im planning to change to althea.. but i dont know how to start althea.. after taking may last trust pills should i start althea d next day?

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maryrose Says:

gxto q po mag plit ng trust pills into lady pills,pnu po kea aq magstrt s lady pills?

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Patchi Says:

I'm using diane35 for years.. I did not missed any pills.. Can I directly change my pills to trust after the 7 days gap for diane35?

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zola Says:

Gusto q lng po malaman kung ang lady pills po ba ay nkkpagpa enhance ng boobs for girls?thank you

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jesica Says:

gud day po... i took my first althea ,just finished the 1st pack yesterday. and i want to switch to trustpill.. when can i go take my first tablet of trust?
Thanks po

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annekdota Says:

It is effective to shift lady pill from trust pill in almost 1month?

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annekdota Says:

Ask ko lang sis if it is okay to shift in lady from trust in almost 1month of gap..effective pa b un?

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Beybikyky Says:

How to chang trust pill to althea? And how can i start drinking it?

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Indiana Says:

Hello po. Gumagamit ako ng lady pills for more than a year na. I slept in another place and i was not able to bring my pack. I bought a new pack sa pharmacy. Medyo nagtaka ako bakit pink na yung kulay ng pack at brown na yung para sa placebo days. But anyway, uminom pa rin ako. Nung nakabalik na ako sa bahay, kinumpara ko na yung dalawa. Trust pills pala ang nabili ko. Ang difference is that it only contains 125 mcg of levonorgestrel per pill compared to lady na may 130 mcg.

Dapat ba akong magworry?

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Annalyn Says:

Good morning po, Pwede po bang uminum nang trust lady pills kapag pregnant ka nang 5 to 6 weeks? anu bang dapat kung gawin? hindi pa ako ready magkababy eh..please help nmn..

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Ariella Says:

When is considered to be safe if taking lady pills and shift to trust pills? Coz i dont have a choice theres no lady pills here in my place. Im taking lady pills since last month and i only have until this month? Is it ok and safe if i shift to trust pills? When to be safe from pregnancy if start to shift?

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arvie Says:

Good day. Dapnhe pills po gmot ko 2yrs ago kse po breastfeed. ng ng 2yrs old na ung baby ko i change my pills into lady. Tpos po ng contact kme ng hubby ko ng pang 3 days na gmit ko ng lady pills. Pregnant d nmn ako na miss ng inom. ng worried.

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michelle Says:

Hi, si michelle daphne pills po ang gamit ko now naka 2 na banig at 21 tabs plan ko na po mag switch to althea di naman di na ako nag pa breast feed. at ung cycles ng mens ko nag iba na papano ako mag start sa althea pills. may mens now for 5 days. may 8tabs pa akong tira.

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Mhae Says:

1 month na ng gumagamit ng trust pills. Pero ko na pong mag lady pills after na maubos ko yung trust pills. Ask ko lang po kung pwede na akong mag palit agad sa lady?

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Ley Says:

I'm a trust pill user, then decided to switch into lady pills. I had my menstruation after i took the 24th brown pill last wednesday, then i didn't take the 25th to 28th pill, since i always start to take another pack after the 28th day supposedly. I started to take lady pills, and now i'm on the 3rd pill. We had intercourse on my 2nd and 3rd pill. Will i be pregnant?

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Jane Says:

I have been a Trust Pill user... However, I stopped when my hubby got a job as a seaman. Now, he will be coming home and I'm on my 13th day of my cycle after my menstruation. Can i still be safe to use a pill to prevent myself from getting pregnant? Also I'm now 40 years old...Please advise.

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Rhiza Says:

Hi, last july po gumamit ako ng Trust Pills..naubos ko yung isang pack. Then august nag switch ako sa Diane pills. Nag start ako uminom sa 3rd day ng period ko. 5 tablets pa lang po ang naiinom ko sa Diane ng magkaroon kmi ng contact ng asawa ko. Naubos ko na po yung 21 tablets ng Diane, nainom ko naman po ng tama at sakto sa oras. 4 days na ako naghihintay ng menstration ko pero wala prin. Possible po ba na pregnant ako?

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Azia Says:

Re: Ariella (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Hi,.i just want to ask if it is safe from trust pills to lady pills?this is my first time taking a lady pills but i just wondering i almost finish my pills,but until now i dont have my mens.

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Mitchy Says:

Hi ask po if OK lng mg pills and at the same time widrawal dn..

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ANNE Says:

Re: maryrose (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Walaa naman cguro masama.

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Kerish Says:

Hello, good day. After 5 yrs of being married, i used trust pills. Then naubusan ako and pati sa tindahan na binibilhan ko naubusan din but they only have lady pills, so i took it. What would be the effect of switching?

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Cher Says:

Re: ria (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hello mam I ask something about lady pills using for 6 days tablet I did not finish all packet because I'm feel giddy so I change trust pills but I start use 7 day. It's is safe

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anna Says:

Re: zola (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

mas okay kung trust pills kasi may ESTROGEN un. responsible for breast growth

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