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Ruxolitinib medication

Hi, Can someone please help me? i have been on clinical trials of Ruxo for 8 weeks now... i am the 1st of my kind to be put on this drug who has multiple auto-immune diseases and a mutation in my genes. I was put in this drug to try correct alopecia and it has been a great success. Not only has this drug helped me with my hair loss but has also help with my general health. my only issue is my menstrual cycle has stopped and i'm trying to find out if it is connected to these medication or just a coincidence? Many thanks in advance ## You would need much more detailed information. Age? Recent hormone changes/starting and stopping birth control or other medications? Recently lose/gain alot of weight? How regular is your cycle normally? are you pregnant? ## I am 29 and my normal cycle i...

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tratment of myelofibrosis with Ruxolutinb

I have stage 3 advanced Myelofibrosis and have been taking Ruxolitinib (Jakafi) for almost 9 weeks. I have had almost 50% reduction in my spleen size and my bloods have returned to close to normal. I am seeing Dr Patrick Tan at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore and I am paying for the treatment myself as I do not have medical insurance. A bottle of 60 x 5mg pills costs me Singapore$3,450.00 and I get a VAT refund when I leave Singapore if I have not opened the drug before I depart. I am taking 4 x 5mg twice a day so it is quite expensive but the results have been terrific. I can highly recommend yhr hodpital and specialist in Singapore. ## Dear Steve, My mom needs Jakafi too, where I can find it in Singapore at $3,450? Thank you so much, I'm from Chile ## Dear all. My name is St...

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JIM HAS NOW BEEN ON RUXOLITINIB FOR 8 WEEKS AND FEELING AND LOOKING MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE HE STARTED THE MEDICATION. PROBLEM IS HIS ANEMIA IS A PROBLEM, ONLY 7.7 AND TRANSUFISIONS ONCE A WEEK AND HIS PLATLET LEVEL IS WAY UP AT 1200. AFTER THE FIRST 4 WEEKS FELT SO MUCH BETTER, NOW NOT FEELING AS GOOD AS HE WAS. GOING TO THE SPECIALIST ON THURSDAY, MAYBE HIS DOSAGE NEEDS ADJUSTING. ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM? PLEASE SHARE IF YOU HAVE. HE IS TAKING 2OMGS, TWICE A DAY. ## What was his levels before starting? Jim may want to try 15mg twice a day and see if his counts bounce back. ## It would appear that you two have found each other on both active discussions on this medication: This is a very new treatment, so the available information is limited: Carol, how is your husband doing on it...

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JAKAVI Ruxolitinib

I hope anyone can share with me if you are currently on Ruxolitinib. I was on Ruxolitinib 40mg each day since sine Dec 2nd 2014. Then I got blast cell of 3%. On the the 6th week my blast cell went up from 6% to 16%. Now entering into the 7th week. Anyone experience a high increase of blast cell & later on a drop to some baseline. Please share.

Ruxolitinib working for Post-Essential Thrombocythemia Myelofibrosis

I'm 3 yrs into Post-Essential Thrombocythemia Myelofibrosis, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has taken Ruxolitinib w/what I've got and had any success? ## There are support groups you could check with: Quick Topic...Myelofibrosis Facebook...Myelofibrosis Also several people on tweeter I've found. I have Myelofibrosis, but have not been on Ruxo ## Has anyone tried adopting a low fat high carb raw vegan (primarily fruitarian) lifestyle in addition to juicing leafy greens to see if it has any positive impact on Myelofibrosis? I thought I'd mention this because I've heard of individuals experiencing all different types of miracles over the coarse of a few months to a few years, in relation to getting rid of all types of cancers and other ailments that are other...

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Ruxolitinib for Mylofibrosis

Is anybody out there taking the new trial drug Ruxolitinib for Mylofibrosis? ## Yes ## Hello Dave, hope all is going well for you. My husband has recently started taking Ruxolitinub for Mylofibrosis and seems to be responding well, it's still early days (3 weeks to be exact) and feeling much better. How long have you been on this drug and are you responding well? ## Hi Carol. I've been on the drug over 4 months. I started on a sustained release version for a 4 month trial. This trial has stopped and they found the sustained release version did not work as well. I've been on the regular version 15mg twice a day for the past 10 days and I'm feeling pretty good. I've had relief from most of my symptoms and shrunk my spleen from 13.5cm to 7cm. The only complaint I have i...

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