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Cannabis vs Mesalamine

I'm a 66 year old male who has suffered with moderate to (mostly) severe UC for 13 years. I have used these and other physician ordered drugs with unsatisfactory results and even Merkel Cell cancer while taking 6 Mercaptopurine to suppress my immune system. I could have died from the cancer. I live in New Jersey where I easily qualified for medical marijuana (cannabis). I now live a completely normal life without UC flares. My medical oncologist just discharged me after I survived over 5 years after a cancer that I had a 25% chance of surviving for 2 years. I'm now cancer free. I now enjoy the best UC symptom relief with only cannabis used two to three times daily. I don't anticipate a return of Merkel Cell cancer because I'm no longer suppressing my immune system. Canna...

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azoran tab

I am UC patient for the last one year. It was under control for the last5 months. But relapsed since may 2013 and since then I have taken I have been taking rowasa 3gms per day and whysolane 30 mg for days then 20 mg for few days and 10 mg and then 5 soon as the wasp lone is reduced I again have to take whysolane.....currently 40 mg per day.neither the bleeding stopped nor the urgency for the visit to washroom.moreover I have to go to washroom for at least 10 times per day. Recently doctor precribed tab azoron 50 mg per day. But with one dose of azoron I got severe nousia and after suffering from nousia I got vomiting and got relief.......may I know is there any substitute of azoran tab. I am 62 years old


I am starting Rowasa tonight and want feed back from others that have used it. How do you hold it for 8 hours? ## When using Rowasa, I try to alter my diet a bit to reduce stool bulk and gas (less fiber, etc.). I also try to relax and have a BM as late in the evening as possible and use the Rowasa immediately before going to bed. This works well for me.

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