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monaslim rimonabant

light green in color, pear shape, and no markings on the pill itself and it is a coated tablet ## a small round orange/yellow pill with a slit mark across one side and nothing on the other. Supposed to be generic rimonabant.Not too sure ## Where can I find Accomplia/Rimonabant please. I was involved with the trials of this drug at Leeds University & Leeds General Infirmary. the results were fantastic everyone who wasnt taking the placebo did lose weight. NICE initially wouldnt release it and then they subsequently did but due to several suicides the drug was withdrawn. I work for GPs and from what I can gather there isnt another anti-obesity drug available except Orlistat and has Im sure many of you know the disgusting side effects of this. Having been told today by my GP that I mus...

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Rimonabant round green pill 20 mg. Is this correct? Aren't they white.

There is nothing else on the pill; no markings; looks like a dyed easter egg green? ## Where did you get them? If they are available in the U.S. from a U.S. pharmacy, they should have markings on them. Are they in blister packaging? In just a pharmacy bottle? Learn more Rimonabant details here. I saw some in this color when I did a search, but I am not sure what markings are on them, if any. ## They r in a blister (foil) pack w/no markings...guess all I can do is try it out rt? There appear to be some side effects that r scary....X ## They r in a blister (foil) pack w/no markings...guess all I can do is try it out rt? There appear to be some side effects that r scary....They were shipped from Mumbai IN - ## Rimonobant comes in various colors/sizes, including green round and oval-shaped ...

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Rimonabant is a fantastic drug

Rimonabant has various names: Bethin, Monaslim, Riobant, Slimona, Rimoslim and Zimulti, and comes in either white or green pills of various shapes. I lost more than 50 pounds taking it with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. The so-called "side effects" were blown way out of proportion and were more than likely the result of something else the people were using/taking. ## where can I get Rimonabant? ## Hi Lee, How's it going? I'm glad to hear that you were able to find something that works for you without having to worry about any of the side effects. Side effects are almost always a possibility with most types of medications. But because we all react and respond differently, it should be known that not everyone who takes these drugs experiences them. No matter how r...

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Rimonabant Safe?

I recently purchased Rimonabant 20 MG from Canada. I live in the US. I was just reading the side affects and I am a bit concerned. Should I take them? ## Hello, Sunny! How are you? You should never take such a medication, without your doctor's approval. And there's a reason this one was removed from the market in many countries, it carries some pretty severe risks, including dangerous psychiatric problems and suicide risk. Is there anything else I can help with?

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egg shaped pill

green, egg shaped pill no markings Container says rimonabant tablets 30 mg. Sunrise Drug COde #guj/drug/25/1425 ## reads 20 mg, not 30 ## With no markings, there is no way to be 100% certain of what it is. It could be Rimonabant, but since it was never approved and released in the U.S., I cannot tell you with any certainty. It was approved in quite a few European countries, although many later withdrew it from the market due to its health risks. What country are you in? Or did you order these from a foreign source? ## Did you ever take the pills you purchased? Did you have any side effects? Did it work?

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Zeroslim/Rimonabant Tablet

Round tablet green in color. Zeroslim/Rimonabant ## I have ordered the diet pill Rimonabant or zeroslim, Can you tell me what this pill looks like and other information that I will need. ## Hi i have some Zeroslim to sell i get them from Goa where my sister lives let me know if interested ## It is a round green tablet. One pill should be taken first thing in the AM with a full glass of water. Do not eat for an hour after taking the tablet.

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how is rimonabant liquid taken?

Don't know if this drug should be taken mixed in juice or soft food, or just as is under the tongue? ## I would have to recommend that you ask your doctor or pharmacist. It is availble in several other countries, but not as a regularly prescribed drug in the US yet, it is just being used in some cases on a test market to try to gain FDA approval, so a full monograph with dosing details and how to take it, is not available. ## i've been trying to fill my rx for Rimonabant for about a week now. no one has it yet. anyone know how long before it's available in westchester, ny??

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