Rhodes Buprenorphine 2mg Sublingual

Sithtiger Says:

I've been using Mylan Labs for about 3 1/2 years and now they're on back order indefinitely. I went to another drug store that carries Rhodes Buprenorphine 2mg Sublingual. No one else could get the Mylan Labs, so I tried Rhodes and at first, I had problems, but I had to get the Mylan get out of my system partially, but now it's just as good, if not better than Mylan.

My question is, does anyone know if Rhodes is going to be on back order? I'm screwed if both pharma's are, because Hi-Tech/Akorn labs carry it, but they suck so bad!

Thanks in advance!

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Charlene Says:

Hi it's hard to say if the new Rhodes will be on back order. I'm thinking knot. They are still fairly new a lot of Pharmacy's don't even know they exist. I'm from southwest Florida and when i learned about them a few months ago i called so many pharmacies and half of them never heard of them. How i got mine was one day driving home from the doctor's office I decided to stop on my mom n pop shop I showed them information on them and asked to order..the next day they called me and said they are in, also to thank me for telling them...its my 2nd month on them. And it was a smooth transition. My usual is hikma brand. What I love about Rhodes is it's so smooth tasting and it does have the after taste of metal in my mouth. I really don't think it's going to be hard to get. .now about Mylan I just called them in July they told me they are available don't let the pharmacy tell you different. 4 days later came this huge phamplet about their buprenorphine 2mg and 8mg.. most all the generics of the 8mg have 8.64mg bup, and Mylan has 8.624 equivalent to 8mgs of bup I can't tell anyone anything about 2mg since ive never had to go on 2mg. My dose of 12 years has always been 8mg x 4 daily. So I'm enjoying the Rhodes they are shiny and perfectly made.

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Goozer Says:

Depends where you are and how likely your pharmacist is willing to order a different generic for you. As of now rhodes is consistently in stock. I get mine every month, large quantity no problems now. They are great. I have the 54 411s which are roxanne westward himka and they are at least 2 times weaker than rhodes which is strange but how it is for me. What I would like to know is how the teva b 799 s are. They are oval and most similar looking to the brand name subutex and I don't ever see much feedback on them. If anyone has feedback on tevas generic that would be great and if compared to another it would help. But you should be able to get rhodes just fine as long as your pharmacy works with a good wholesaler who dispenses the rhodes generic and hope your pharmacist will order. If so, provide them with the ndc number to help find them makes it easy for them. If your pharmacist says they cant order them try a small business pharmacy or one in a big doctors place and they should have and be willing to take your business as mom and pop pharmacies need the business these days with walgreens, walmart and cvs who always order cheapest generics but are big competition for a smaller owned pharmacy. They are always willing to take your business, and if not, the pharmacy you work with now may worry to lose your business as well but it took me sometime to get them. Best of luck and any feedback on teva generics would be great; the b 799 white ovals.

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Charlene Says:

Why don't you try and get an 8mg and split it up into smaller pieces.? Maybe the 2mg has something in the inactive ingredients that might no agreeing with you.. just a suggestion..I have never taken a smaller dose like yours..never since my treatment 2007..it just seems so small of a dose.you could probably make a jump off this expensive medacine

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Kevin Says:

Greetings Sithtiger,

I'm glad that you were able to find an alternative generic that works well for you, that seems to be rather rare these days. Looking at Rhodes press releases I find no indication that they should be going on back order or that they are unable to meet the demands of the suppliers. Unfortunately business is a fickle thing and there is no way of predicting the future, there is always uncertainty with manufacturing.

The good news is that it's way easier to find a pharmacy that carries one of the two brands rather than searching for one specific generic. So if your pharmacy does end up going on back order simply do the same thing as before and search for a different pharmacy that carries on of your two generics.

Glad to hear a success story, I don't hear many people being that capable of swapping generics like that.

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Raney Says:

Yes I've heard that high tech were really bad but also had been on Mylan for 8 years when my pharmacy changed to Rhodes Purdue and I must confess the RP are significantly better for me i.e. the pill itself is of such a high quality it appears that my brain likes this as I assume if they took time to manufacture a high quality pill design then certainly the ingredients would follow along.....well absolutely right it did!!!!!! I break my 8mg into 1/4's and take 6-8 mg daily so after "seeing" the high quality pill I next notice that bitter taste of buprenorphine is reduced here by 50% or more additionally this RP also dissolves like a true sublingual pill should with zero grit or chalkyness to them AT ALL. Finally all I kn ou w for sure is regardless of all tu he different manufacturers generics I've tried I have not once relapsed on an opiate prescribed or otherwise. I owe so much to out doctors nurse's counselors and everyone else that helped me along the way......honestly not that it matters much but I often wonder how much credit the actual medication buprenorphine gets for the inhibition of craving opiates as compared to me knowing if I chose to throw away sobriety and take ingest what I was used to taking I wouldn't feel it anyway no euphoria or high levels of borrowed energy.......keep up the great work medschat.com for supplying the platform for us to exchange explore and ask questions and to all of you if your reading this thread you are likely in a far better place than you were at some point in your past, you are in sobriety if you are taking this as directed for opiate addiction issues.....happy Thanksgiving ????

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Han Says:

Re: Goozer (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

B799 are the exact same feeling as a normal 54211 Roxanne. I get the roxannes every month...quantity 60, for the past few years. They all work the same. Or the FDA wouldn’t let them be prescribed to us.

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Katy Says:

You are absolutely right about Hi Tech sucks. I have been on this medicine for years and I was on Rhoads for like 6 years and they switched Hi Tech and know I am having awful headaches severe pain in my joints. ect. I just called the pharmacy and told them to switch
me back to Rhoads, I hope I can get that brand.

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Katy Says:

Re: Han (# 6) Expand Referenced Message
No all generics do NOT work the same different dyes and fillers in them. Do your research.

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Katy Says:

I just got my prescription filled and did not have to wait for Rhoades. It was NOT on back order.

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Susan Says:

I had been taking Rhodes , worked beautiful... I got my script filled this last week and they used something different in it bc it made me terribly nauseated .. my heart was racing, abdominal pain, couldn’t eat. It was miserable. I hate that these pharmesuticals keep changing these medicines. It’s so damaging to people who have been on it for so long and depend on the medicine to be the same.

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