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pill watson g 8

What is this pill Watson on one sided g8 on the other ## Hello, Keke! How are you? Is the marking WATSON or JANSSEN? I found a listing for a round, pink tablet with JANSSEN on one side and G over 8 on the other, it is an 8mg Reminyl tablet, which is most commonly used to treat mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and drowsiness.

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Interactions Reminyl, Ebixa, Beta Blockers

Are people familiar with side effects when adding a beta blocker when patient is already on reminyl/ebixa combination. Mom (83) has taken a significant comprehension downturn, persistent diarrhea, and very sleepy. I see that the reminyl/aricept decrease heart rate, patient has tachycardia, being treated with metoprolol.

Generic for Reminyl

Is Razadyne a generic for Reminyl? I have been told it is and it is not. Can you please help me? Thank you. ## Yes, it most certainly is, see the manufacturers website here: Reminyl You can't miss, the name of the drug, which is what the generics would be is right there on the front page. ## Actually, it looks like they might just have renamed the drug, so it might not actually be a generic, just a new name it is marketed under.

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