Regestrone 5mg Is Mainly Used For What?

divi Says:

As i dont have the knowledge of the pill would you please tell me the main use of regestrone?

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Verwon Says:

REgestrone contains Norethisterone, a progestogen hormone. It can be used to prevent pregnancy, normalize the menstrual cycle, help correct heavy bleeding and etc.

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Has your doctor prescribed it for you?

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ruhina Says:

my monthly cycle is not on time main months should the regestrone 5 mg i take....

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priyu Says:

what time may i use sandoz regestrone

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Gauthami Says:

my monthly cycle is not on time

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Pihu Says:

Actually I had PCOD Few months ago...n I took treatment for 3 months..for 3 months withdrwl bleeding had occured..n after 15 days of ma 3rd withdrwl I mean after completion of my couse of my t/t I had normal bleeding for 6 days n exact after 14 days I had little bleedind I think dat was bcz of being a medical student I knw smtym pain n bleeding occurs at tym of after dat acc. To leuteal phase...i shud bleeding after 14 days or 15 days...after ma it doesnt occur...19 days had passd..i mean 14 days of leutel phase + 5 days m worried...bcz after taking ma complete coarse...evaluation reports had been done n those were normal...nw plzzz hlp me...m gonna take regestrone again for 5 days 10 tab. worried abt...d thng y bleeding doesnt occur....plzzzz hlp me out...n reply me via my email..

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raziya Says:

I missed my period about one month. My pregnancy test is negative. Doctor prescribedme REGULATE tablet contain NORETHISTERONE I.P. 5 mg for three days. It will helpful for start my period.
Plz advice

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navoditanitu Says:

i took regestrone 5mg two times for 5days but after 3days i have'nt get priod. plz help me.

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pihu Says:

Hi I wnt to posponed my period so regestone is safe or nt plz tel me

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Tina G Says:

I was Intimate With My Boyfriend on 24th August..but We didn't have intercourse...i Missed My Periods..last month i got my periods on 3rd august..So I Am Worried About It Very Much..i Took Regestorn 5 Mg for 7 days (2 tablets per day)..but I have Not Yet Had My Period..what Should I Do Now??

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sha Says:

I had a laproscopic surgery to remove fibroid in my uterine cavity on may 20 this yearafter which my bleeding did not stop doctor gave me lupride but nothing worked now iam on regestrone 5mg from 3mnths i should take for more 3mnths iam scared to take whatare the sideeffects i hv gained lot of weight iam 34yrs plz help me she is told to insert a mirena after that is this safe

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sha Says:

I hd a lap sur to remv fib in my uterine cavity on may 20 dis yr after whch my bldg dd nt stop dr gv me lupride bt nthng wrkd nw ia on regestrone 5mg frm 3mnths i shd take for more 3mnths iam scared to tk wt r d sideeff i hv gained lot of weight iam 34yrs plz help me she is tld to insert a mirena aftr dat is dat safe

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swarnima Says:

Hi I am an 18 years old girl ...I have been prescribed glycomet 500 twice daily along with regestrone 5 mg thrice daily for the symptoms of irregular period with pain in the lower abdomen an in ta waist ...have I been rightly prescribed ? Your advice is earnestly. solicited

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N Says:

me 27 yr married on thyroid med. No period since two months. Pl advise medication.

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Monica Says:

I wanted the name of the medicine which can pre_pone (make it early)
menstrual date.because on the day i have function in my house and i should be free from tension,because I have to host rituals

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Diksha Says:

I want my period to come. As my date was 9th but i dont have periods nd i want them to come soon Which med is preffrd

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Raanu Says:

I had a miscarriage after 8 weeks from my last period. So my period got started for 6 Days, n stopped but again bleeding started so my doctor prescribed me regstrone. so I want to know whether it is safe or if i had problem of incomplete pregnancy.

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anamica Says:

Hi.. I missed my period fo 13 days i was xpectin fo baby but wen testin i got negative result. So as per doctors advice i intook 10 pills regestrone 5mg fo 5 days it became two days pills got over.. Is it baby or wat ?? But i never get my period late i ll get before 1 week frm date usually

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ritu Says:

I missed periods for 2 months around 5 yrs back doctor prescribed me to take registrone 5 mg twice a day for 5 days, after taking medicine my periods started but since then I have this problem of irregular periods and I have continued taking this medicine without any further medical supervision.. In the past few yrs I have had a tremendous weight gain, swelling in my legs and heavy hair growth on my face. I have never undergone any medical test apart from thyroid and that came out as normal. my age is 31 yrs and my weight is 90 kg..plz advise some help

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sri Says:

I have pcod problem..i vil not get my periods suggested me to use gdm safe sachets twice a day binthin,gonadil,benforce,ebixid tablets thrice a this tablets useful to cure my problem??im still not getting my periods from 3 months what should i do??please help me..

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