Red And White Capsule With Brown Powder

LilD99 Says:

There arent any prescription markings on it. Its a big pill almost plastic like, I found it on my bed after my after my boyfriend left. Im guessing its from one of his friends. Ive never known of him taking pills or any drugs so I'm really puzzled. Any ideas?

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Verwon Says:

If it has no markings, then it's most likely something that's available over the counter.

From the description, my best guess would be that it's a supplement of some type.

Have you tried asking him about it?

Does anyone recognize this?

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Mama C Says:

I found the same pills hidden in my son's room. At first I thought they might be an illegal drug...but I've never known him to be like that and I had not noticed any behavior changes. Upon further investigation...I found that it was a penile enhancement pill that can be bought from GNC called Vaso Ultra. Relieve it wasn't drugs but....really?

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