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I found a yellow oblong pill with 50 on one side and blank on the other with a line in the middle. I just wanted to know what this pill was. ## Honestly, if same pill, this pill is the devil if u don't know what it is and if you happen to be an addict. 10 minutes after taking 1, I had diarrhea liquid, non-stop projectile vomiting and going thru the worst withdrawls of my live. This pill instantly puts your body into withdrawal mode being an addict and will 100% thoroughly flush your system out. The first 24 hours, it was the puking and diarrhea I just said, intense stomach cramping, muscle and body/spine seizing(we were almost convulsing) severe dehydration, severe weakness dizziness and shortness of breath... for a full 24 hours. The next 3 days after that, i was just still throwin...

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Oval or oblong light peach pill 50 imprint on one side split line on the other ## Hi Timberly, Based on your description, the closest match I'm finding is an oblong yellow pill with 50 on one side and scored on the back. This particular tablet is reportedly identified as ReVia (Naltrexone), used primarily for alcohol and opioid dependence. However, I've yet to come across any specific details on the dosage or manufacturer. I also realize that the color is slightly off in comparison, but because everything else appears to match up I thought this could at least help narrow down your search efforts if anything. Does anyone else here recognize this pill?

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I found some pills that are stamped R11 on one side and 5 0 on the other side with a bisected line. It is oblong or oval shaped and is yellow or cream in color. what are they? ## Pill imprint R11 5 0 has been identified as Revia 50 mg. Revia is used in the treatment of opiate dependence; alcohol dependence and belongs to the drug classes antidotes, drugs used in alcohol dependence. Risk cannot be ruled out during pregnancy. Revia 50 mg is not subject to the Controlled Substances Act. ## there called naltrexone also known as revia says 5.0 one side and R11 the other there ued to help treat an addict with there detox for drugs or alchol hope this helps I posted in 1st reply as revia but far more well known as naltrexone

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