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Prussian Blue Insoluable (Radiogardase) should not require a prescription

I want to buy some of this stuff and I simply cannot find a source on the internet and thats not fair. It appears far less dangerous than iodine, yet apparently you have to get a doctors prescription for it??! What a load of CRAP! Anybody and everybody needs ready access to ALL medicines that can protect them from radioactive poisoning. It's not a privelege granted through a doctors approval. It's a RIGHT in the age of NUCLEAR TERRORISM. The industry that controls nuclear power plants are imposing a TYRRANICAL HELL upon THE People of this world who are the majority and in total opposition against Nuclear. We have the right to protect ourselves and families in every way we can and that includes having a readyness kit that includes Prussian Blue insoluable. I for one am going to f...

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prussian blue as a cancer drug

There has been some evidence prussian blue is an effective non-toxic fermentation blocker. This would suggest hexacyanoferrate could be an effective (and safe) annihilator of prokaryotic cell types, which would include most if not all cancers. Anyone agree?