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Qvar and does it make you fat since it is a steroid

I was wondering I take 2 puffs of Qvar twice a day it is a steroid does it make one fat since it is a steroid ## QVar contains the active ingredient Beclomethasone. It may cause some mild weight gain, but this is not usually associated with the inhaled forms. Common ones can include: funny taste in mouth, funny smells, cough and hoarseness. Read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## iam using Qvar for 1months and my hair is falling out would it be a side affect from the drug? ## I've gained weight. My sugar cravings are gone. Started the inhaler last week but did another one before. I'm doing the drops dymista 2 times a day and montelukast at night. Will My hair fall off? I got sick January. And your medicine is helping get rid of flamge. Worried getting fater

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QVAR 40 mcg sample almost out

No Rx yet, till hopefully Monday. I will miss a few days after a month or so of the sample 2 puffs 2 x day. Along with 1 x day Spiriva Respimat. This is for moderate COPD recent diagnosis. Question is - is it any risk to be suddenly off the QVar?

Asthma Nurse

Was soundly berated because I hadn't picked up prescription for months. I tried to explain I hadn't been able to afford the prescriptions. Then I was told off because I asked for a repeat prescription for Serevent inhaler which I use with the Qvar inhaler I tried to point out that the Qvar had 200 doses whereas the Seravent had 120, therefore I was going to run out of the Serevent before I ran out of the Qvar. She wouldn't listen, told me off as if I were a child. I am 60 years old and have had asthma all my life. I came away feeling depressed and angry. ## Hello, Cat! How are you? I am so very sorry about what happened to you. Obviously, this woman has no people skills and shouldn't be working with the public. Stuff like this happens to everyone, from time to time and s...

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is quvar a steriod

is quvar and combovent a steriod? I use them as inhalers ## Yes, Qvar is a potent glucocorticoid steroid, with a number of different uses. Combivent on the other hand, contains two active ingredients that are known as bronchodilators, which relax muscles in the airways in order to increase air flow to the lungs. Learn More: Qvar Details Combivent Details I hope this info helps!

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8 Puffs a Day?

I have been prescribed 4 puffs twice a day on Qvar, and it's helping with the breathing but it's also making me voraciously hungry ALL THE TIME. My Doctor seems to think that this dosage will be helpful for me, but I'm concerned. I also take Marshmallow Root to thin the mucus and wonder if that could have any interactions with the Qvar. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions? I'm scared to be on steroids for such a long length of time as I'm already overweight. ## There are other possible concerns to long-term steroid use, aside from just the weight gain. You could also experience compromised immunity, fluid retention and other issues. Learn more Qvar details here. And as to feeling hungry, you'll really have to put some willpower into controlling how much you eat and...

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Qvar Side Effects

What are the side effects of this drug? ## Susan; are you sure it isn't Novar? If I keep checking and find anything on this drug you spelt I will be back.Other than that make sure it is not Novar;because most sites say Ovar..is not spelt correctly.Thanks..:) ## What is the pill Zora-10 used for Tank you ## No, she is correct on the spelling, the drug is called Qvar, it is Beclomethasone. Here's the monograph listing with more information on it: Qvar Info Click Here ## Just a note for when you are looking for certain drugs in the future, if you look towards the top, left hand side of this page, you will see an alphabetical listing, you can just click the first letter of the med that someone is looking for, on the next page that comes up, you will see it further broken into alphab...

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Quvar Inhaller

side effects of quvar inhaller. my big problem with inhallers is the leg cramps ## The active ingredient in the Qvar inhaler is Beclometasone, a glucocorticoid steroid, it is mainly used to treat asthma. Common side effects may include: cough, unpleasant taste, hoarseness and visual changes. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments?

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