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Lhaila Says:

My husband was so thin and smoker, so my friend bought Propan with iron multivitamins capsule from Philippines... I want to know if this capsule is good to my husband and how he can take in 1 day?

I used to take Propan with Iron (Capsule) multivitamins since 1997 in the Philippines the time I was so thin so I take 1 capsule in each day after breakfast until I finished 30 capsule and i gained weight that time.

At this that Im married to a thin guy, that he was so thin maybe because he was a hard worker working 12 hours, as a Carpenter. So when my friend went for vacation in the Philippines, i ask her to buy for me 60 capsule Propan with Iron multivitamins as she does. Now that this Propan with me on my hand, i dont know how to start, i mean how to give him like is it 1 capsule in a day after meal or 2 times a day capsule.

My husband is a good health, he doesn't have allergy at all, when it comes to sick, it is only a normal like headache only.

Please help me about this medication how and when he will take, not to get mistake for this capsule.

Any other further inquiry about my husband please dont hesitate to contact me thru email.

Your assistance is highly appreciated,

Thank you very much for your patience.

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mhean Says:

may profan po ba dito s saudi kc hiyang po akondun ubos n baon q s ask ko lng po meron po ba s saudi nun

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bensaudi Says:

can i asked something about this profan with iron is availbe here n united arab emirates. i want to buy n try, because im so thin i want to be a fat..plz help me

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jean Says:

Hi, can you help me where can I fine the propan here in Taiwan ? I am already taken this before when I was in Philippine , and I loses more weight now ,I want to return my weight same before

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Allen Says:

Yan din prob ko di aq mkatulog everyday 3 hours tulog q. Anu kya mgndang gawen kht ipikit q mta q utusan q n utak ayaw tlga.

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Trak Says:

My olcer po aq... pwede po ba aqng gumamit ng propan capsule? Kc po ang payat payat wla ba itong magiging side effect sa kalisugan or katawan q?

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antonio Says:

Re: red (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Ilang beses po uminum ng ng propan sa isang araw

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lonher Says:

How much does it cost per capsule? And where can i buy a propan? Is it available at mercury drug stores?

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che Says:

Hi. Pwedi po ba uminom ng propan w/ iron sa nag papa breastfeed? Thanks!

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gelai Says:

Hi and good day. I just wanna ask what time of day is best to take Propan capsules? Also, is it good for gaining weight? I am only 45kls and 5'4 in height. Please let me know what the best solution is for gaining weight. Thank you so much.

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inday Says:

My daughter had abnormal mentruation it is good to take Propan multi-vitamins with iron?

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neil Says:

hi... can you please help me to become more healthy and i want to gain weight..i'am so very how to take propan capsule...sometimes i cant sleep at night..

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maimai Says:

where can I order propan with iron online?

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reynen Says:

i'm weighing 43 kg now and my age is 18. i'm so very thin. i use to be busted every time because i'm so very thin. is propan can help me to gain more weights?

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jhay Says:

is propan w/ iron is really effective 4 thin person like me?

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dada Says:

panaano po ba talaga yung magpataba... epektibo po ba talaga ang propan.?

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aliah jhen palmes Says:

saan po ba mkabili ng propan capsule dito sa saudi..? tnx po..

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kate Says:

Hi how much per bottle or per box of propan vitamins for adult please replay thanks

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nellysen orante Says:

yng anak ko 8 yrs old payat sya at walang gana kumain tapos late na natutulog sa gabi na try kona lahat ng vitamins walang effect ok lng ba sa kanya ang propan ano po side effect?

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baby Says:

can i take propan even if I take another vitamins? or supplements?

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jdagskrizzia Says:

Para tumaba talaga 3 times a week to take pag sabayin mo monday-propan at dicilone forte Tuesday propan only Wednesday propan at dicilone forty Thursday same as Tuesday Friday propan and dicolone forty.saturday propan Sunday propan pag Naka 1 month kana stop na agad gumamit Ng dicilone forte.

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