Problems In Two Week Break From Sutent
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Gerty Says:

On Sutent been on it for 2ytd the 2 breaks I have head pain when I cough or bend over !! Don't have it while taking it . Any ideas

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Wayne Says:

Been on Sutent 37.5 for 20 days felt very good. Didnt realize the 800mg was making feeling strange. Now the last five days, Im fatigue,loss of appetite, and sweating like crazy in the middle of the night. Also, my knees are very painful and my legs feel weak..Do they take you off the Sutent for a couple of weeks. I notice it posted early. Is this standard?

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David Says:

It sounds like you're experiencing symptoms that may be related to withdrawal. If you've been on it for 2 years (ytd?) then I can see how a two week break from it would cause this.

I don't know if Sutent is commonly known for causing withdrawal symptoms, but I do know that after a long duration of time, your body becomes more dependent on the medication and when you stop taking it, it can get confused, per say.

Are you back on it now?

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