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F250 Says:

Just had single shot trial and pain was gone,but the symptoms started to return after 5 1/2 hours is that normal? Returned to opioids due to withdraw symptoms and the on set of discomfort. Looking for other opinions and experiences. Thanks

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Teach Says:

Just had Prialt single shot drug trial and I am so excited. Have been in pain for 17 yrs. Went in with level nine pain and walked out with level three. Relief lasted 24 hrs. before pain returned. Slept for six hours straight and even had a dream. I usually sleep for two hours then back up. No problems, no side effects. My husband commented that he could see the relief on my face. Looking forward to follow up office appt.

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VerFree Says:

Prialt is a non-narcotic analgesic, but like any other medication, it doesn't work well for everyone that tries it.

It could be that your trial dose was too low to help you for a longer period of time. It is normal to start with a low dose, then slowly titrate up. When will you be seeing your doctor, again?

Teach, I am so glad that it has worked so well for you. Generally, at first, it is dosed daily, so it is normal that it would wear off in 24 hours, or so. Are you going to continue to use it?

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