Pot Chloride 10 Meq Ercap Pad White

Avanelle Pfenning Says:

I think I have a pot chloride 10meq ercap pad which is yellow and am wondering if it is the same as the white ones that I got the last refill.

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Verwon Says:

I really can't provide you with any definitive answers, without knowing more about the tablets, such as the markings on them.

Can you please post back with more information?

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Pam Says:

I have a bottle of pot chloride 10meq ercap pad
and bottle of pot chlor er tabs 20meq
Other than the meq and tablet/capsule difference are these basically the same script

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Vera Says:

I have a pot chloride 10meg er cap zyp which is white and orange with 100 written on the cap the other one is all white with pad 0181tell me if these are the same just different colors.

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Betty Says:

on the message I just sent you regarding the white vs the yellow potassium 10mg pill, the marking on it is USL 10

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