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phentamine and adderall

I have been taking adderall for ADD for a few years now and all the appetite suppressant effects associated with adderall are no longer there for me. Since phentamine is in the same class with Adderall, would it be pointless to take phentamine as an appetite suppressant or will phentamine still be able to help me with a decreased desire to eat?. ## Hello, PinkSlay! How are you? Actually, it really wouldn't be safe to take both. They both can cause accelerated heart rate and elevated blood pressure, so combining them may be dangerous. Have you consulted your doctor? ## I took both for a few years until my doctor wised up and thought better of having me on two stimulants at once. Then the phentermine went out the door. The appetite curbing aspect of Adderall wears off after a period o...

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what separates the psuedoephedrine products from those with phenylprine and those of phentarmine> ## We have monograph links for each of them that explains more details and the specific chemical structures so that may help to explain their differences more: It really all comes down to their specific chemical structures, plus their actions and effects in the body. Are you taking any of them?

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