Parkinson Disease- Not Taking Food And Sleepy

kalyan Says:

My father 78 years age is suffering from parkinson & it is in a quite an advanced stage. Earlier it was deteriorating but was fine going to markets etc. Just 4 months back had orthostatic hypotenstion his pressure is falling drastically when he is standing up and then after waling for just a minute or so he starts shaking vigorously. We have shown to 3 neurologist given some medicine but still no improvement as such. Moreover he is having dementia was talking irrelevant things but still we were managing but now for the past two days he is just sleeping for atleast 18-20 hrs a day. He is taking very less food and whatever he is taking he is keeping inside his mouth and not swallowing. It is painful to see. I will jolt down the medicines he is taking-Syndopa 275 (1/2 tab 4 Times), Ropark 0.5 (1 tab 2 Times), Admenta 10 (1 tab 2 times), Galvus Met (50/500)-1 Tab, Nodon 2.5 (1 tab 2 Times), Aztor 10 (1 Tab), Floricort 0.1 (1 1/2 tab -in one day), Qutipin 25 ( Tab 1/2), Alfoo 10 (1 Tab), Syp Potklor (1 TSP- 4 Times), Tab Cognate (1 Tab alternate days) and Syp Somazina (1TSP 2 Times). He is taking so many medicines but still no improvement and one thing that is going on increasing is his aggressiveness. He is getting very angry when people scolds him or tells to eat he tries to hit him.
Very painful to see -pls pls any suggestion on this are welcome. How to improve on it atleast we want it in a manageable level knowing that he is in a advanced stage. But still feels that something may be wrong some medicines added or removed can help him out.