Pain Patches - Mylan Vs Mallinckrodt

peanut Says:

I will be walking and look down my 50 mcg mallinckrodt will be on the floor only after putting it on the previous day. How embarrassing. There have been times I wont even know and will feel awful. I have cystic fibrosis and 50% of my pancreas left. Im so sick of this. I do take norco for breakthrough but I feel horrible when the patch falls off. I dont want to use fabric tape all the time (which works the best, other tape doesnt). The patch is made by mallinckrodt.

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David Says:

Hi peanut,

Sorry to hear about your experience with the adhesive on the patch. It sounds like tape isn't much better either since it can only last for so long as well.

Where have you been placing the patch at? Maybe a different spot would last longer before falling off, if it's not somewhere vulnerable.

It would be nice if they also made some sort of strap that covers the patch and wraps around your arm (similar to those adjustable ipod armbands). On another note, perhaps that type of strap could work as a means of reinforcement for keeping the patch on while you're active.

Has anyone else had success with this?

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Nana Says:

I mostly apply the patch to my abdomen underneath the panty line and also cover it with a Tegaderm dressing. Besides making you feel awful if the patch falls off, it is dangerous for pets or children if they get hold of it.

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Sheila Says:

Hi Peanut, I'm having the same problem with my patches. I'm not active I'm in the air conditioning all day. The more I research lots of people are having a problem with the Mallinckrodt Brand. Also, my 75mcg doesn't seem any stronger than my 50mcg. That seems to be the case with the Mallinckrodt brand as well.

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Ali Says:

The mallinckrodt is the worst. I had several meds including the patch by them. No idea how they get away it. But their medications do not work. They have much less than the dosage should be. Never purchase any medicine by this company. The 100 mcg patch has less medication than other brands.

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Brooke Says:

I was on 75 mcgs of a different brand. Now going off by stepping down. Wen't to 62.5 mcgs Mylan to 50 mcgs Mallinckrodt and was sick the entire time on Mallinckrodt. Next went to 37.5 mcgs Nylan and I forgot all about how sick I was. Now down to 25 mcgs and Mallinckrodt again all the SICK is back! I'm considering "cold turkey" because it seems this brand will make people sicker than not having any.

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PainMgmtPatient Says:

Hi. Anyone having trouble with the Rx, Fentanyl, sticking to their skin can use Tagaderm patches on top of them. It's a clear, thin, plastic patch used to hold IV's in at a hospital, etc. In fact, if you have a Rx for Fentanyl, you can call the pharmaceutical company and ask them if they will please send you some. Mallinckrodt send me mine for free. I just have to tell them which pharmacy I bought them from, the prescription number, the lot number, expiration, and some other personal information. I'm sure Mallinckrodt is not the only pharmaceutical company to do this. Just tell them yours won't stay on. Tagaderm really helps. I also cleanse my skin with rubbing alcohol to remove oils from my skin before applying the patches. That also helps. Because my skin is sensitive, I switch between my right and left side and apply to rib cage (lean body areas don't move as much as fatty areas so patches stay on better). Also mine are not gel but I'm sure Tagaderm could be used with any of the patches. Again, although Tegaderm patches are expensive to purchase, they are free from the pharmaceutical company if you have a Rx for Fentanyl. I hope this is helpful to someone.

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Redbone Says:

Mallinckrodt patches are worse than Sandoz and next month I will be on Mylan - which I've never tried. So I've got c3 thru c7 rod in my neck also. Knee replaced and need right hip replacement. So since 1991 I have suffered inhumanely.

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FuzzyDuck Says:

I had the same problem and use Tagaderm wound dressing to keep them in place. I have been using the Mylan brand for a long time now and they stay on without any Tegaderm. They have never given me any side effects and are very even for at least Forty-Eight Hours, I can't wear them for 3 days.

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C Says:

Re: Nana (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

You need to put these above the waist. I have been wearing these for years. The best place I've found is below my breast on the left or right side. They always fall off of my arm or above my breasts when I toss and turn at night. Hope this helps. When it's below the waist you don't get good relief because of circulation.

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C Says:

Re: PainMgmtPatient (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I just use a bandaid tape material and put the sticky part where it's pealing off. I cut the bandaid middle gauze part out and toss it and use the tape part which works fine... I also use that bandage remover to take the glue off. If you wash your body with soap and warm water the glue and soap will have a reaction and leave a small burn mark on your skin.

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C Says:

Re: Nana (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Your supposed to put it above the waist.. blood flow isn't the best below the waist

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C Says:

I'm taking my first script of Mallinckrodt. I've taken Mylan for years...never peeled off with the Mylan but the Mallinckrodt is thicker and the corners don't contour very well to the skin like Mylan does. I'm trying to find a pharmacy who can order the Mylan as I just switched pain mgmt Drs. and boy that was a mess as well!

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C Says:

Just got a letter from my insurance company. I have to have pre approval now..I've been on these for 16 years ! Now the RX is one every 2 days.. 15 patchs for 30 days. Now the insurance company says 10 patchs for 25 days ! How can they dictate what your dr.says ??

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cosgringo Says:

Re: C (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Exactly my case. 4 Years of patches. Failed spine (2 fusions on lumbar), and now need cervical. I went from every 48 hrs to 72 hrs. It sucks. My pain is worse. I don't care about the brand though prefer matrix. The gel come off easier and give me a rash. I am just trying the Mallinckrodt so I am a bit worried.

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C Says:

Where are you putting it ? Try below your breast..left or right side ..

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Huckleberry Girl Says:

Re: Sheila (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You should never use tape to keep your patches on it can be very dangerous! The tape can cause it to heat up and dispense the medication into your body more you can use Tegraderm. The best way to get them to stay on is to use Suntan oil like the spray apply it directly then rub it in or just put the oil on a cotton pad or ball clean off any old glue the oils is amazing at cleaning off old adhesive. Then wipe off excess oil with a clean cotton round Then use a wash cloth with a little bit of soapy water just to get some of the oil off of the area then use alcohol and a cotton pad to clean any left over soap and or oils apply your patch and hold it for at least 30 seconds no less a full min is even better then rub you finger around the patch going back and forth on the sides top and bottom like if your smoothing it out. This will 1 help put it on so that it adheres better 2 warm it up just a touch so that the glue warms up and sticks better if it falls off clean a new area with alcohol and gently wipe off the patch just a touch and reply using the same methods as above. Also apply it above the waist arms mid section of the abdomen like by the sternum above breast or pecks even the back by the shoulders. Mylan used to be worse they are now a bit more sticky Mallinckrodt is bigger the corners are the first to lift up. And with the Mylan brand after the medication starts to absorb the blue print on the patch that says Fentenyal and the MG dissapears. I used to only like Mallinckrodt but since they’ve changed the Mylan brand and made them better I prefer them more. Now I’m just trying to see if the medication in them is as strong I use 75mg every 48 hours with a 12 hour switch time which means I put my new one on 12 hours before I take off the old one this is done with the permission of my Dr. And that’s because it takes that long for them to start working on me. Do not ever do this without your Dr telling you to! Try these trick and tips I hope they help someone ????

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C Says:

Ask your Dr to put on the RX mylan brand only . Another thing is CVS Carry's mylan .
My pain mgmg Dr just told me he is taking me from 7.5 mcg to 2 patchs 5.0 and 12.0 so now for two months I have to wear 2 patchs. His goal is to take to to 5.0 I
Still so soar I start my downward trend next week.. I'm kinda scared

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C Says:

Re: cosgringo (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Hey.... Also..that rash your getting is from the soap and glue ! It's a chemical reaction. I use bandage remover.. in a pinch Avon skin so soft and even wd40 .. and worst case..just hot water shower and your finger.. once the glue is off you can use soap..

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SandyD Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I put my patch on my upper arm. When I shower I put Glad Press and Seal around it. It stays on and totally dry. Hope this helps ??

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