Pain And Nausea After Penetrex Knot Kit


I took Penetrex knot kit eight days ago and I have been bleeding ever since with pain all over and severe nausea that doesn't even stop for a minute. So what should i do? Please help me out, can i have any tablets to control the pain?

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Roy Says:

It sounds like you are having a severe reaction or an infection, and the drug is not doing its job. This could be potentially life threatening and I urge you to contact your doctor or visit the hospital ASAP, especially since it has been going on for over a week!!! Please do not take this lightly. I wish you the best with this, please let me know how you're doing.

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Charlie Says:

Please help, I just took the drug and am scared I will go through pains like Julia said.

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Roy Says:

Charlie, how long ago did you take this? Are you able to contact your doctor if any side effects come up? Wishing you the best!

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Zalle Says:

I took the Penetrex knot kit and am experiencing so much pain. Please help.

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Roy Says:

Zalle - Sorry to hear that you are in pain! Please see your doctor ASAP! This could be a sign of something more serious.

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tinna Says:

I took the Penetrex knot kit two weeks ago and am still bleeding... My bleeding is not severe, but I was having severe abdominal pain during the first week and I am having mild pain now... Is this normal?

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Sad Says:

I took penetrex about 32 hours now and I only saw a bit big clot after that am not bleeding. How long should I wait before I can restart?

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ama Says:

Hi - my doctor prescribed this and I just took the first tablet. How should I take the rest? Thanks

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Fred Says:

Hi, please my girlfriend took the second two of penetrex knot instead of taking the first one for the first day, will the medicine work?
And should she continue to take the next ones

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