Orange Pill Apo 400

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fairly big round orange coated pill (white inside) that says apo 400 on it

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Verwon Says:

The only match I am finding is described as pink by the manufacturer, but colors are subjective, it is coated and white inside.

It contains 400mgs of Pentoxifylline, a generic for Trental, it is an anticoagulant from Canada.

You can read more on the drug here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Lori Says:

Orange, says APO 500 on one side, nothing on the other. Hard capsule shape. I know it came from Canada. I think its some antibiotic but I dont know for sure.

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Green Eggs and Sam Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Ibuprofen! They come in 400s and 600s. Side Note: I once had a toothache, I took 8 extra strength Advil over the course of a day. I woke up the next day to rhythmic intense pain in my upper left abdomen. Had to call an ambulance... Advil had caused pancreatitis, which in turn weakened and shut down all of my other organs. I was given 3 months to live. Just spreading the danger... I had no idea before this happened to me that Advil was soooo dangerous! First thing said to me once we arrived in the ER was along the lines of; 'Were you trying to kill yourself?!' With Advil? I replied... To which they told me that ibuprofen is very dangerous.

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