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I started using Olopatadine 665 MCG nasal spray back in the middle of April. Initially it was giving me headaches so I wasn’t using it a lot, now that it’s August and ragweed is really bad I’ve been using it regularly. I read the paperwork the pharmacy prints and I don’t remember seeing a warning that it can eat a hole in your face, but the insert in the box with the bottle certainly states that it can, but it claims it takes 12 months. I am here to warn you to tell you that it caused an ulcer in my nose after less than four months. It started happening pretty quickly, I just didn’t realize what was happening. I thought it was just dryness up there. Nope. The good news is that as soon as I stopped using it and I applied some petroleum jelly to the ulcer a c...


what is the brand name of ambroxol with olopatadine combination in india? this combination is recently approved by the indian government and also available on the site of CDSCO. ## I'm sorry, but we are based in the U.S. and finding information on drugs in foreign countries can be difficult. The only information I can find lists just under the active ingredients, the Olopatadine and the Ambroxol and not any particular name brand. Have you tried asking a doctor, or pharmacist/chemist? It would be used to treat allergies and respiratory disorders. ## what is the brand name of olopatadine+montelukast combination.. nd this combination is recently approved in india. nd available in site CDSCO ## what is brand name of olapatadine hcl with ambroxol hcl combination in india ? ## which compa...

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