Nefrosave Tablet (fourrts) Taurine:500mg & Acetylcysteine:150mg

mantu Says:

My mother is 56 years old very weak suffering from fully damaged left lung & 10% of right lung affected due to TB 40 years back. Now there is no TB but she is coughing and having breathing problem, both severely since more than a month. Dr. has prescribed her NefroSave from Fourrts (Taurine 500 & Acetylcysteine 150) 2 tablets morning 2 tablets night along with other tabs & inhalers. Will it be safe for her having 2-2 tablets daily for 1 month? Does it also increases cough in some patients? Please guide me soon I am in a great stress concerning my mom's weakness & her sufferings & rib pinching continuous cough