Need Doctor In Dallas That Prescribes Valuim Or Xanax For Pa

Oldironside Says:

I just moved to the Dallas area. I have congenital disc degeneration disorder. I suffer from muscle spasms and neuropathy. The only thing that truly helps me with my pain is valuim or Xanax. Does anybody know a doctor in Dallas that will help me with a prescription of this medication? I do have an MRI but it's in Oklahoma City. I am low income so it has to be affordable.

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EDDY Says:

Xanax and Valium and the like are not traditional pain meds although some Doctors will prescribe it. If you are low income I'm sure you should be participating in the ACA?

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Oldironside Says:

I prefer opiates but they are very difficult to get nowadays. I have taken Valium over the years and it seems to help is fine. Xanax also works well but the half life is terrible. I don't really want to get back on opiates I was addicted to them once

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EDDY Says:

Yes I understand although the addiction to Benzodiazepines can be worse, and most Doctors are oblivious to this 'problem'. I do hope you find what you need!

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oldironside Says:

I understand your concern. I have been on, and off, benzo's for a number of years. Never once had a problem withdrawing from them! I do not understand how people claim that they are addictive. I do believe that the MIND can get addicted to them. Maybe I am just stronger than most. I can take them or leave them. Bottom line? Do not stay on ANYTHING long term!

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EDDY Says:

When I speak of addiction I am really talking about withdrawal. It is a sinister little pill

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Stephanie Says:

Need to find Dr. in central Texas that prescribes xanax. Also my husband needs pain Dr. In same area. Austin, Georgetown, or Killeen TX

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S o n y a Jones Says:

I can't handle crowds my hands start sweating I start shaking not sure why and I stay nervous all the time and I think it may affect my job please help

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S o n y a Jones Says:

I stayed nervous all the time my hand sweats it's hard to deal with work my handshake and I hyperventilate to the point that I almost pass out

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EDDY Says:

Re: S o n y a Jones (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

If you can Sonya have your Doctor do a Physical including Bloodwork and all that good stuff?

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