Nadolol Tremendous Price Increase

wolywig Says:

going to refill my Nadolol 40 mg QTY 180 at Walmart that I paid $10 for 6/13/2013 & now cost $306??????? I am devastated to say the least this day is 10/13/2013 what the heck is going on here I call Walgreens they want $400 for same amount please help

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Wolywig! How are you feeling? I'm sorry about the sudden price jump.

This has been happening with increasing regularity, but I am not sure why. I was prescribed an antibiotic recently that had been $4 for years, which suddenly jumped to over $50 for just 10 capsules.

Learn more Nadolol details here.

The only suggestion I can really make is that you contact your doctor and see if they will prescribe a cheaper alternative for you.

What are you taking it to treat?

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Ellie W Says:

I'm wondering if this has to do with the Obama Care push for everyone to buy prescription insurance. I was worried that this might happen. I realized that prescription coverage cost more than the cost of my prescriptions when considering the $250 per qtr deductible so I chose not to get it. I hope someone who is on the inside of this debacle will reply.

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wolywig Says:

high blood pressure

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Chris Says:

This has nothing to do with the ACA. It has to do with pharmaceutical companies deciding to discontinue the production of this medication because it has gone generic

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Tammy Says:

The price is why I now get my Nadalol in Canada! Shortage my butt.

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wolywig Says:

Nadolol is the GENERIC for Corgard?????? what are you thinking?????

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rae Says:

Yesterday i asked my doctor for a substitute and he prescribed Atenolol. It seems to be a lot cheaper.

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wolywig Says:

yes she sure did at my request she prescribed Metroprolol Tart (generic for Lopressor) COST 4 BUCKS AT wALLY WORLD & HAVE BEEN TAKING IT SINCE I posted this & it must be good cause I have wonderful bloodpressure ever since!!!! thanks to all of you who responded!!!

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