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Mycitracin Availability

Please, I would love to know where I may buy Mycitracin? NOT Neosporin, but Mycitracin. ## Mycitracin is used in the prevention of infection and speeding the healing of wounds. From what I was able to gather this has to be prescribed by a doctor. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## Crtstal- Thank You, I will ask my doctor. ## Hooey. It's an OTC ointment. If it now requires a prescription, it's just JJ wracheting up consumer costs needlessly. Used to be available at Walgreens and Eckerd and a most stores with first aid sections. I'm looking too, so if you find it, please let me know. ## yes please let me know as well I am a diebetic and this stuff works wonders with sores of all types and sizes luckly I just found an almost ful...

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mycitracin - where to find?

Where can I find this at? ## Hello, Bart! How are you? Mycitracin was just the original brand name for the product that is now on the market under the brand name Neosporin. So, either it, or any of the store brands or generics contain the same ingredients. The name was just sold and is no longer being used. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Neosporin and mycitracin r very different in strength - definitely not the same ## They are 100% totally different. Neosporin Is my weaker. Not even close. We've been bamboozled !!

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Mycitracin is the best

No you can buy Mycitracin over the counter and I have used if and bought it over the counter for 30 years up til now I can't seem to locate stores that sell it. It is the best ointment for rash, impetigo and ringworm and also neutralizes some suborn itchy spider bites. It is the best ointment by far and now it is nowhere to be found or bought. Meanwhile you find all the second hand topics that don't work and you end up spending a fortune. Mycitracin is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!!! ## The reason that you can't find it anymore is that it actually works and that doesn't put money in the pharmaceutical companies so why sell something that works. Give them something that almost works and then they can go to the doctor for something that has to be issued with a subscription and we c...

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Where can I find Mycitracin???

Where can I find Mycitracin Triple Antibiotic Ointment????? I can find Neosporin, but I want Mycitracin I like it better! ## found an old tube of the Mycitracin Plus ointment , seems to work alot better than Triply A ointment , really no Comparisons ! Can anybody HELP me find either a new supply {Mycitracin plus} or whatever ointment that is used as a [replacement] ## I love this ointment, but I cant locate it anywhere Did you find it, if so where??? ## I too want to find the Mycitracin ointment. My mom used it on us as kids, it worked great. I haven't found one single ointment on the market today that is near as good as it was. ## Looking for muckraking. Want to order.

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where to buy Mycitracin on line

who carries Mycitracin or where to order on line ## I, too, want to know where I can buy Mycitracin on line! It is the best and neosporin doesn't come close to it's healing properties!!! ## I found it on Amazon but they are now out of stock until further notice :(

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Mycitracin Plus

can plus max strength near eyes ## Hi William paliotte, I'm not quite sure what you are asking, are you wondering if Mycitracin Plus strengthens your eyes? Based on my research, Mycitracin Plus is actually used in the treatment of bacterial skin infections and other skin problems. The active ingredients are as follows: Polymyxin B/Neomycin/Bacitracin/Lidocaine. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Mycitracin Details ## Just in case you were wondering, Mycitracin can be found through Amazon and Ebay. More are being imported and are supposed to arrive in a few weeks around Mid Nov. 2014.

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