Multaq And Shortness Of Breath

Sandra Says:

Has anyone else experienced notably increased shortness of breath attributed to Multaq?

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Verwon Says:

Multaq contains the active ingredient Dronedarone and is most commonly used to treat irregular heartbeat.

The shortness of breath is listed as a serious side effect and is warned about in the patient advisory leaflets, you should contact your doctor immediately.


Are there any questions or comments?

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Phil Says:

i do experience periods of breathlessness but always search for an alternative reason ie flu or a cold. I have felt the same with most of the medication i have tried at some point in time. Do you have it constantly or occasionally? I was suprised looking at the 'Multaq' forum that hardly anyone has mentioned it as a side effect. As with the previous reply it may be best to seek advice from your doctor.

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Sandra Says:

We have since cut the Multaq in half and only take 1 per day in the AM and advised our cardiologist of same. There have been no studies for 1 per day, per our cardiologist, but my husband's shortness of breath has gotten much better. There are some new meds coming that are in phase II and one has compelted phase III but the FDA wants further studies.

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Sandra Says:

Thanks, Vernon. Did the research and was hopeful that there would be only common side effects if any. Unfortunately, such is not the case. We did cut the Multaq to 1 per day, although no studies have actually been done as to the efficacy of 1 per day. Have advised the cardiologist and will continue on 1 per day for now. Breathing has gotten markedly better. Thank you for your information and reply.

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Linda E Says:

My surgery for Atrial Fib Left Atria Ablation was done at OSU recently and they put me on it for 30 days. Two pills twice a day. It is expensive for me. It did kind of make me tired but I'm not sure what will happen after 30 days, what the plans are? I am still on my before surgery medications. I think it is trial and error, and with AFIB everyone handles things differently. I've had A Flutter Ablation in 2005, didn't take, still go in A Fib since surgery, but not everyday like the past 6 months or so. Also I have been cardioverted over the past 10 years around 4 times. We'll see.

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Cheryl Knowles Says:

Sandra, How are you doing with taking only one Multaq tablet per day? We are thinking of doing the same with my Dad due to side effects. We are also thinking of cutting the tablet in half and giving half a tablet twice a day.

Thank you, Cheryl

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Hollywood Says:

I also have shortness of breath and cough while on Multaq. Called the Dr this morning and am waiting a responce. should I contue to take it twice a day, Stop, or go to 1 per day?

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Linda Says:

My husband has been waking up short of breath he doses back off and wakes back up short of breath over and over. He just started this after taking multaq

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avalon47 Says:

I have been prescribed Multaq for AFib caused by hyperthyroidism. I have been on it for 6 days and am having such a difficult time breathing and feel very weak.

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Nan Says:

Can Elequis be reversed if you were taken to surgery???? Also what about even dentist to get teeth cleaned.Is it safe????

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